The Easiest Ways to Transition Your Skincare From Summer to Fall

As temperatures start to drop, we prepare not only our closets but our skincare products as well, choosing warmer outfits, and richer formulas. Summer was great. It was warm, the skin sunkissed, and fortunately not sunburned. However, fall is a perfect time for us to check in with products, see what we can continue to use, and which of those skincare ingredients should be upgraded to richer and thicker formulas. 

Believe it or not, skin recognizes weather and climate changes. That is why you may notice your skin reacting during seasonal changes. Cooler and drier air generally leads to dry and dehydrated skin. That is why moisturizing your skin properly is a priority. 

Follow these tips for an easy and appropriate transition from summer to fall without causing your skin to break out. 


Always Use Gentle Cleanser

While summer calls for cleansers that will clean your face more thoroughly and take care of excess sebum, pick something different for fall. The summer cleansers will boost cell turnover, but they are not necessarily good for fall. Use cream-based cleansers or those that are made to moisturize as well. Avoid salicylic or glycolic acids. Otherwise, they can lead to unnecessary dryness. 


Add a Hydrating Serum to Your Routine

Serums take hydration to the next level. You should apply your serum before moisturizing to trap the moisture. While serums are available in many different forms, you can choose the one that provides extra hydration, boosts the skin’s collagen, and contains hyaluronic acid. Dynamite Vitamin serum from Gymsegbe is great for fall. It has all the ingredients you will need - hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, caviar, and adenosine.   


Switch for Thicker Moisturizer

Summertime calls for lightweight formulas of gel creams and those that won’t clog the pores and make you sweat even more. However, fall weather is cooler, with less humidity, so you should switch to thick moisturizer formulas. You can choose creams that contain ceramides, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients will help you moisturize and restore the lipid barrier of your skin. 


Don’t Pack Away Your SPF

Even if you are not spending so much time outside, you should still use your SPF as the last step of your skincare routine. You already know that sun damage can occur anywhere, at any time. The harmful UV rays penetrate into the skin, increasing the risk of skin cancer, but also hyperpigmentation, and premature aging. 


Don’t Forget Your Body

While you can easily get away with not regularly applying body lotion in summer, that shouldn’t be the case in fall and winter. The air is dryer, so natural waters that the skin holds can get easily lost. That is how skin becomes irritated and itchy. That is why dermatologists recommend using lotions for your body that contain no fragrances and other ingredients that can possibly irritate your skin. 

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