How to Take Care of Your Skin in Your 20s

Like our whole body, skin changes over the years. In some periods it can be dry, in others oily with breakouts. It is good to know that all this is normal, and your skin just reflects how you live in a certain time and age. 

We know - 20s can be pretty wild and thinking about skincare might come as something boring. But, believe it or not, establishing a good skincare routine in your 20s can be significant for your 30s, 40s, etc. 

Skin in the early 20s can be oily, acne is common, and breakouts are something that many women experienced. If you find a good skincare routine, you can be sure these problems will be quickly solved. 

Let’s see what are dermatologists saying about how to take care of your skin in your 20s. What are the crucial things you need to do in order to have healthy and glowy skin? 

Wash Your Face Regularly - Twice a Day

Even though some people claim they don’t need to wash their skin in the morning, we invite you to think twice. Products that you have applied in your nighttime routine, plus dead skin cells and dust mites can all get on your face. 

For this reason, washing the face is equally important in the morning and at night. Also, avoid using makeup removal wipes. They simply don’t clean your skin as completely as the soap and water. 

When you are looking for a cleanser, check out the ingredient list. Avoid sulfates (that make all the bubbles) and go for antioxidants that will secure that skin glow. 

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Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation is something that you should definitely include in your routine. You don’t need to spend a fortune on products, a simple microfiber towel can be pretty effective too. 

Glycolic and lactic acids are great ingredients to look for in your exfoliating products. Try to exfoliate your skin at least two times a week. However, be careful not to over-exfoliate since it can lead to redness and inflammation. 

Wear Sunscreen - No Exceptions

You might say we are like parrots, repeating over and over - wear your sunscreen. All the benefits of wearing sunscreen on a daily basis will pay off. According to dermatologists, 90% of premature signs of aging come from unprotected UV rays. 

Use a broad-spectrum moisturizer that will protect and hydrate your skin. Even on cloudy days! 

Hydrated Skin is The Key

Hydration is the key to healthy skin. Even if you don’t have dry skin, you should put moisturizer twice a day. It is the most important step, so pick wisely products that will help you keep the moisture. 

When your skin is moisturized, you can be sure it will be protected from irritation, dryness, as well as inflammation. Pick a moisturizer according to your skin type. We have made a guide to help you determine your skin type. 

Resist to Pop Every Pimple

That satisfaction you feel every time you pop a pimple or whitehead is simply not worth it. Unfortunately, this can lead to discoloration, scars, and dark spots that will be more and more visible as you get older. 

Find an acne treatment, or try to resist and not touch your face at all. Your face will be thankful. 

Try Retinol

You don’t think about aging in your 20s, but that is actually the right time to invest in some products that fight against first wrinkles and lines. 

Retinol, also known as vitamin A is great for increasing cell turnover, decreasing acne, and exfoliating the skin. You should be careful and use it a few times a week and then increase it when you know your skin can handle it. 

Photo by David Florin from Pexels

Eat Healthily

What you eat can affect the appearance of your skin. Simple as that, even if you are maybe not thinking that way in your 20s. So, instead of ordering pizza (again!) tonight, go for something greener and healthier. You will notice a huge difference. Breakouts will rarely occur and your acne will be under control. 

Omega-3, fatty acids, zinc, and vitamin E can help your skin look better and your diet healthy. 

Sleep Well

When you don’t sleep enough, your cortisol levels go up. This can cause stress, alongside inflammation on your skin. Skin feels everything that your body is going through, so try to sleep well. 

Seven to eight hours of sleep should be your daily goal. Before going to bed, make sure to apply all skincare products that will boost your skin regeneration. 

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