The Key Benefits of Wearing SPF

Hopefully, we all know how important wearing a moisturizer with SPF or sunscreen really is. The products with SPF should be a crucial part of the skincare routine, no matter the season. You can’t simply wear it only in summer. Your face needs to be protected all the time while you are outdoors or indoors. 

Everyone needs sunscreen. No matter your skin tone, type, or age. Regardless of if are spending your time outside or inside within 10am and 4pm, you need to protect yourself. The UV sun rays can cause skin cancer, and that is not a pleasant thing to hear. Sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF will not only protect you from the harmful rays but also keep your skin hydrated and glowy. 

Does SPF Really Matter? 

Long story short - it does matter. The sun emits two types of radiation: UVA and UVB rays. They are both equally harmful, yet there are some differences between them. UVA rays will cause premature aging, while UVB is responsible for sunburns on our skin and are more cancerogenic. 

What does SPF really do? It extends our natural defenses against the sun. For instance, when you apply SPF 15 it provides about 15 times more protection than when you are wearing just a regular moisturizer. 

Many people make a mistake by thinking that people with dark skin shouldn’t wear sunscreen or they don’t need to. Simply, that is not true. Everyone should wear sunscreen. 

Therefore, we have picked the key benefits of wearing an SPF. Besides protection, you should wear SPF every day in order to keep your skin in good condition. 

Gymsegbe - African American Skin Care Line | Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunblock UVA UVB

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Sunscreen Protects From Harmful UV Rays

One of the most important and basic things that SPF does is protecting your skin from cancer. Unfortunately, skin cancer became very common, and UV radiation is the top risk factor that causes it. Consistent use can lower the risk, so that is why it is crucial to apply sunscreen every day. 


Believe it or not, even the mildest sunburns can have damaging effects on our skin. Sunscreen will minimize the penetration of UV rays and keep you protected. 


Sunscreen Reduces Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentations are changes on the skin, caused by exposure. It is a condition when your skin is darkened in patches, usually around the nose, mouth, cheeks, and forehead. This occurs due to melanin changes, which gives your skin color. 


You can prevent and treat hyperpigmentation by using an SPF 30 or more, avoid the sun from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and wear protective clothing.

Gymsegbe - Best Skin Care Routine for African Americans | Sun Protection Body Moisturizer SPF 50 Broad Spectrum UVA UVB

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Sunscreen Prevents Premature Skin Aging

The aging process can be divided into two categories. The first is caused by genetics and it is called intrinsic aging. The second category is induced by chronic sun exposure, pollution, radiation, and other environmental agents. 

UV rays are credited for a premature breakdown of collagen, as well as elastin in the skin, which results in fine lines and wrinkles on your face. It is estimated that around 90% of visible agings signs come from solar ultraviolet radiation rays. 


When you wear a moisturizer that has SPF as well as broad-spectrum UVA UVB you can be sure premature aging won’t be your skin problem. 


Sunscreen Prevents Inflammation on Skin

Among many things that can be damaged by harmful UV rays, the DNA of your immune-protecting cells can be inflamed. This leads to free radical damage to the skin and within your whole body. Simply said, this immune suppression decreases our immune system's ability to fight anything that comes in the way - any illness or even cancer. 


Believe it or not, healthy skin is one of the best markers that you have a healthy body. Wear sunscreen and keep your face hydrated during hot summer days. 

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