Our Unique Formulations are Power Packed with over 60 Different Potent Plants and Fruit Extracts and Topped off with Essential Vitamins and Minerals. 

Unlike other Korean Skin Care Products that are "picked" or "selected" from Shelves  on the Korean Market without any Testing, Research, Thorough Development for Specific Age, Demographic or Skin Type, Gymsegbë Products are Developed with a Skin Care Clinical Dermatologist in South Korea. 

Every Single Product contains at least 4% Niacinamide Vitamin B3 meaning We Fight Aging at Every Step!

Our Products are Successfully Tested on Several Individuals from Different Background, Age, Gender, Country and Lifestyle for a Period of over 2 years. After 14 Different Formulations, We Got it Right!

The Most Distinctive Differentiation is that, Gymsegbë Premium Korean Skin Products Works, will Exceed any and All Expectations you Have; Glowing Dewy Skin, Hydrating, Luminous, Reverse Sign of Aging, Maintain Youthful Bouncy Plump Skin and Ultimately, Boost your Overall Confidence. 

We are Gymsegbë, a Woman-founded, minority-owned beauty brand business based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our motto is; my skin, my pride, my story. Coming from a multi-racial family, we understand the need for diversity in skincare products. We know the frustration of having products designed for the majority’s skin type. Only a few truly catered to the needs of the minority, so we have decided to join in to make these products more accessible.

Each of our products is carefully designed and tested. We also only use high-quality, natural ingredients that are sourced in an environmentally friendly manner. We also strive to make our products as affordable as possible so that more people can benefit from their wonders.

Here at Gymsegbë, we guarantee that you will get the highest quality products that works regardless of your skin type.

 gymsegbe | Best Korean Skin Care | Natural, Vegan, Oil Free, Hydrating and Brightening | Anti-Aging, Removes Dark Circles and Reverses Years of Skin Damage

Our Products

Gymsegbë was founded in 2019. Since then, We have been carefully developing our product line. We have also been doing extensive testing for the past two years to ensure that each product delivers what they promise.

Check out some of the products that we have right now:



Applying toner is an important step in any skincare routine. It is essential in removing leftover traces of dirt, impurities, and grime stuck in your pores. When added to your routine and used regularly, you will get tighter, lighter and clearer skin.

However, some toners out there contain harsh chemicals. This is why instead of getting the benefit it promises, you might get sore, red, and even damaged skin.

We, at Gymsegbë, have carefully taken this into consideration. This is why our toner is only made with natural ingredients that have properties that will help eliminate blackheads and skin imperfections.

Our toner contains chamomile extract. Not only is this a naturally purifying ingredient, but it also helps calm down your skin and makes you ready for the next step of your beauty routine. With our toner, you can expect to see clear and glowing skin after every application.


SPF50 Facial Moisturizer

Facial moisturizer can help increase the moisture level of the uppermost layer of your skin. This prevents it from drying out, especially during the day when you are exposed to the sun. This also helps slow down the signs of aging.

Our SPF 50 not only does it protect you from the sun UVA but also guards against UVB and Pollutants in the Environment and Blue Lights - Ultraviolet. We also made sure that our formula does not leave any traces on melanin skin tone. It is water based and highly absorbent to the skin so that you can still wear makeup or other products without worries.



Essence is one of the products that is crucial in the Korean beauty routine. This powerful bomb has a whipped like feel. It is enhanced with Snail mucin Barbados Cherry, Niacinamide and Centella Asiatica Extract makes this Essence very unique in achieving the maximum results. The Powerful Bomb Essence preps your skin for serum, but only that. With its ingredients, it adds a layer of moisture, exfoliates, and tightens the pores.

One of the main ingredients, snail secretion filtrate is perfect for repairing the moisture and protecting your skin from various factors.



Serums are designed to provide a high concentration of particular active ingredients to the skin. In our formula, the active ingredients are natural fruit and plant extracts. We specifically chose these because it allows the serum to penetrate the skin effortlessly and be absorbed without unwanted traces.

As a result, Our Luminous Might Punch serum is the rejuvenating product that you need. It will help you with skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles! 


Facial Moisturizer for Night

You may be wondering, do I really need a different facial moisturizer for day and night? The answer is yes. A daytime moisturizer is typically designed to contain high SPF to protect you against sun damage, while nighttime facial moisturizers have more hydrating benefits.

Our facial moisturizer is specifically formulated to be lightweight so that it feels comfortable on your skin while you are sleeping. We also made sure that it's packed with hydrating ingredients to replace the lost moisture from your skin during the day.  


SPF50 Body Moisturizer

During the day, it's not only your facial skin that gets a beating from sun damage. The other parts of your body that are constantly exposed to the sun also have the tendency to discolor, dry, and wrinkle. To avoid all these types of damages from happening, the perfect solution is to use a high SPF body moisturizer.

This is why we came up with our SPF50 Body Moisturizer. Its formula is packed with moisturizing ingredients that help rehydrate the skin so that it remains soft and glowy. We also added a large dose of SPF to fight against sun damages, Ultraviolet and blue light.


Night Body Moisturizer

After a long day, your skin is bound to lose a lot of moisture. Not doing anything about it will result in dryness, discolorations, and other unpleasant issues later on. But, with our Night Body moisturizer, you can help your skin bounce back and regain its lost moisture.


Our formula is made with high-quality, intensely moisturizing ingredients that will revitalize your skin. With regular application, you’ll enjoy glowing and healthy skin.


What Sets Us Apart

The idea behind our products is to provide inclusive and high-quality skincare. Thus, We developed the products with South Korean Dermatologist, who have over centuries proven to make the best skincare in the world. The natural ingredients in our products are not harsh yet intense which in turn boost its efficacy.

On top of sourcing high-quality ingredients, our products have been extensively tested. We gathered individuals from different backgrounds and skin type to try our products and see if they have consistent results for everybody. By doing this, we were able to improve our products and increase their effectiveness significantly.


What's Next?

We are doing some amazing work for you, but what we are not stopping anytime soon. We plan on continuing to expand our product line soon so that we can cater to more skin issues. At the same time, We will donate 5% of our profits to childhood cancer research.

We will continually improve and innovate until we form a solid product line for every gender regardless of the skin type, color, and preferences. Allow us to be a part of your skincare routine. We devote everything we’ve got to making skin care even better for everyone.