How to Create Minimal Makeup Look: 8 Tips from Beauty Experts

More and more women choose to skip heavy makeup and instead pick something lighter. Something that will cover the face enough, yet embrace the natural glow and give your skin just a bit of bronze tint. The secret of this minimal makeup look is not only in makeup products. It is also about how you take care of your skin, which products you use daily, and how well you are hydrating it. 

When your skin looks rested, glowy, and well-hydrated, a minimal makeup look will only enhance the natural beauty of your face. 

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Start by Taking Care of Your Skin

Every beauty artist in the world will suggest starting your makeup by first taking care of your skin. This is one of the most essential elements of creating that no-makeup makeup looks and even the more complicated ones. 

Start with cleaned skin. Use a gentle cleanser that will remove the impurities, while at the same time giving your skin a bit of a boost. Gymsegbe Advanced Brightening Gel Foam Cleanser is one of the products that cleans and protects at the same time. Its non-irritation formula is suitable for normal, oily, and combination skin types. 

Don’t Forget Hydration

To finish with your skin preparation, make sure to use a moisturizer not too heavy so your makeup can be applied smoothly. Somehow we all forget to hydrate our necks, and you know that that is a place for a foundation too. This Gymsegbe Resilient Youth Neck + Décolleté Cream is perfect for this. The formula is enriched with adenosine, squalane, and tri-peptides. 


SPF is a Must

It is never enough saying that after you have hydrated the skin and just before you start with the makeup base you need to apply an SPF. Not only it is a shield from harmful sun rays but it gives you a glow that can help with your minimalistic makeup look. 

Continue with Foundation Base

You can choose between powder and liquid foundations. Many different ones on the market promise glowy skin and medium coverage. These are the signs to look for. The point is to choose something that will create an even and glowy base that can last a whole day. That is why hydration and applying all necessary skincare products come in handy. 

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Highlighter is for the Glow

Highlighter is one of the products you should consider using if you are aiming for neutral and minimal makeup. It is great for adding glow and also highlighting the parts of your face effortlessly. Use your fingers to dab the highlighter on cheekbones, inner eye corners, and cupid’s bow. Blend it well.

Give Your Brows a Little Love

For minimal makeup, you shouldn’t forget your eyebrows. They frame the face and can make a lot of changes in how you look. You can fill them with a pencil and smooth them with gel or a little comb.  

Bronzer or Blush for Healthy Look

You can be a blush girl or a bronzer girl - it is not a problem. These products give you a tint of color and accentuate your cheekbones. Blush provides you with a healthy pink tint, while bronzer makes you look a bit tanned. 

Lastly, Add a Mascara

Finish off the look with waterproof mascara that will last all day. Choose the one you are already using every day or go for something volumizing and lengthening. 

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