Skincare Products: Which Amount You Should Use Daily

You might have your skincare routine managed. That is great. However, do you really know the correct amount you should use? Many people don’t know the answer to this question. That is why we are here to share. This is the amount of every skincare product you use daily that should be applied to your face. 



Since the face is a much smaller area than, for instance, the rest of the body, you don’t need to overuse the cleaner while splashing your face. Doing so is only wasteful while using a bigger amount doesn’t add to the efficacy of the product. According to this, you should use one pump or about the size of a dime. This should be more than enough to clean the whole face. 

When mixed with water cleaners lather, creating more substance. Damp your face with water, Rub the gel foam cleanser on your face in upward motions. Use cool water for the rinse. This will improve your blood circulation and tighten the pores. Don’t forget to pat it dry, instead of rubbing your face with a towel. 

Toner or Essence

Usually, on the back of toners and essences, you can read that they can be applied with a cotton pad. However, if you ask skincare experts they would say otherwise. That type of application will waste a lot of product, so it is better to apply it with your fingers and palms of your hands. 

Place the product directly on your palm. You will need about a quarter. Use your other hand to apply the product all over your face, but carefully avoid the eye area and mouth. If you are using a toner that is for a specific skin concern, then use even less than a quarter-sized amount. 


All skincare experts agree that a little bit of serum goes a long way. That is why investing in them shouldn’t be a problem. You know they will last for months. A dime-size dollop is more than enough for the whole face, neck, and chest. On the other hand, if you prefer applying serum directly to your face, then a few drops spread out will be more than enough. 

Eye Cream

Even though the eye area is small, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve rich and nourishing care. A pea-sized amount is enough for this small yet important part of your face. Besides applying it under the eye, you can use this amount for the eyelids as well. Don’t forget to use the right pressure. Use your ring finger when applying eye cream. 

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Sometimes it depends on the moisturizer you are using, but mostly a dime to nickel-sized dollop will be more than enough to cover your face. Here, your skin type also plays a role, so you can determine the amount yourself. 

For normal to combination skin, this recommended amount will be more than enough. On the other hand, extremely dry skin will ask for more moisturizer, so don’t be afraid to use slightly more product. 

You should wait for the serum to penetrate and for your skin to be completely dry before applying the moisturizer. Circle motions when you apply your moisturizer will boost circulation, making your face glowy and plump. 


Wearing sunscreen is important, regardless of the weather, temperature, or how often you are outside. It protects your skin against UV rays, which can lead to hyperpigmentation, premature aging, and dryness. 

Only a small amount of people know how much sunscreen to use. For the face only, the recommended amount is a nickel-sized dollop, while for the rest of the exposed areas that should be around one ounce. 

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