7 Ways to Deal With Bad Skin Day: Tips that Work

You know those days when you have something important to do? Well, usually on those occasions a bad skin day occurs and tends to ruin everything. If we have learned something from the experience is that bad skin day will appear on the most important events, such as weddings, prom nights, etc, when you need to look perfect. Do you want to know how to deal with bad skin? Follow these tips and learn how you can turn around days like that. 

Don’t Stress Over it

It is easy to say, but it is actually quite important not to stress about your skin having a bad day - even on those special events. Because more stress will create a chemical response in our bodies that makes skin sensitive, prone to acne, and appear dull.  

Taking a break, walking, or simply meditating can make that stress go away. Remember that bad skin day hits everybody, regardless of the year or skin type. 

Start Fresh With Clean Face

Before reaching out for some products that will target your skin concerns, try simply to wash your face. Let’s say you should start fresh with a clean face. If you have noticed any changes in your skin appearance, match the new condition with your cleanser. It is very important for a cleanser that is not too harsh, but also not too mild. If your skin is oily to combination, try an Advanced Brightening Gel Foam cleanser with yeast and sesame seed extracts. 

Exfoliation Boost

Sloughing away those dead skin cells can help in achieving glowy and renewed skin. Whenever you feel like are having a bad skincare day, do an exfoliation. You can opt for either a glycolic acid peel like Gymsegbe Thick as Thieves gel peel, or apply an exfoliation face scrub or a mask.  


When you are having a bad skin day, one of the most important things is to hydrate it. Use a moisturizer that you trust and make sure to layer it properly. You will have the best results if you layer your products - serum, moisturizer, and face oil (if necessary). 


An Eye Cream to Save the Day

Sometimes our whole faces can seem dull because we didn’t have a good night's sleep. If that is the case with you, you should grab an eye cream and try to hide those puffy and blue under the eye. If you need something that will work against wrinkles and lift up your skin a bit, then look no further. The Multi-Elite eye cream is everything you need. 

Get a Workout

It is well known that exercise is good for your body. It helps you release stress but also increases blood flow so your face looks nourished and glowy. Not to mention that exercise will improve your mood. If you are exercising outdoors, don’t forget to put on an SPF with at least factor 50. 

Go Minimal

 Even if you have noticed that your skin is not having the best day, don’t throw out it all you got. Use products that you usually know are good for your skin and make a few changes according to the current condition. However, don’t overdo it with new products. Sometimes, they don’t solve the problem but tend to worsen it. 

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