How to Transition Skincare from Winter to Spring: 6 Great Tips for your Skin

Believe it or not, spring is almost here. With a change of season comes different weather, and with different weather outside comes skincare switches. Meaning, you should slowly start transitioning your winter skincare to something lighter, and more appropriate for spring. If you don’t know where to start, read below. 

It seems like yesterday that you were changing from lighter formulations to balms and creams, right? After the winter is gone, it is most likely your skin will be dry and itchy, and these tips will help you make it glowy again. 

Pick a Gel or Foam Cleanser

Winter requires gentle formulations that won’t strip off too much natural oil from the face. However, you can pick gel or foam formulations for spring. Warmer weather means more sweat. That can also be shown on your face, so you need something that will clean the skin afterward. Gel or foam cleansers will decrease oil production and encourage skin cell turnover. 

Start Exfoliating

Many people avoid exfoliation in winter, which is not quite good. However, if you didn’t do it, now it is time to start exfoliating and kick-start spring with better-looking skin. Flaky and dry skin is normal, especially if you didn’t exfoliate. Dermatologists recommend using chemical peels instead of classic scrubs. 

Thick as Thieves glycolic and lactic acid peel is the perfect product for spring exfoliation. Its’ combination of acids is powerful, working on skin cell renewal, at the same time eliminating dead skin cells. 

Go for Lightweight Moisturizers

In winter it is important to pick thicker moisturizers that will hydrate the skin and protects the skin barrier. However, with the warmer weather that kind of protection is not necessary. You can go for lighter formulations that won’t make your skin look too oily or clog your pores. 

Add Antioxidants to Routine

Antioxidants are an important part of an all-year-long skincare routine. They prevent hyperpigmentation caused by the sun, brighten the skin, and even out the skin tone. These are enough reasons to incorporate antioxidants like vitamin C serum into your spring skincare routine. You will be amazed by how quickly antioxidants can reduce photodamage and prevent dark spots. 

Get a Water-Based Serum


Oily-based serums are great for winter since they provide better hydration and lock in moisture longer. However, for springtime switch to something lighter. Water-based serums like Luminous Mighty punch are must-haves for warmer weather. This serum will be like a splash of water for your face, keeping it glowy and super hydrated. 

Always Wear Sunscreen

A good sunscreen will maximize the usage of all your skincare products. Sun exposure is one of the top causes of premature aging. That is why wearing an SPF50 every day is a must. You can decide if you would like to combine sunscreen and moisturizer and buy 2-in-1 or keep there two products separated. The most important thing is to apply it every morning when you do your skincare routine. Reapplying to it every two hours is also crucial for adequate protection. 

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Hello there,iam so happy I found this products,I start using this products on March 5th,and from there I have seen changes on my face,but for a long time I thought that I had dark spots on my face,but then I saw on a 10x mirror my face and what I find out that I have spider vains on my face,so as right now iam using the power bomb,the mighty punch,the toner,and the night moisterizer,and I also use retinA at night,do you think this products will help me remove the small spider vains on my face,do you think the glicoliacid peel will help to remove the vains on my face,just want to know your advice,as right now my face is looking clear,but the vains still there,I’ll be waiting for an advice,thank you,sincerely Vima Valdizan

Vilma Valdizan March 27, 2023

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