How to Prep your Hair and Skin for Upcoming Holiday Parties

Party season is officially here and we get excited about family gatherings and hanging out with friends. With every party comes the stress. What to wear, which hairstyle to pick, how to do your makeup, and most importantly how to recover your skin after it. 

We have gathered pieces of advice that will help you achieve the best look for parties without ruining your skin. You can start ahead by prepping your skin one month in advance. Let’s check out how to do so. 

One Month Before Parties

If you have been postponing some things the whole year, then now is the right time to include them in your life routine. Start to sleep better, eat healthily, and establish a good skincare regimen that will take you throughout the party season. 

One month before parties is a great period to try some new products as well. If you would like some extra glow on your face, try Gymsegbe Power Bomb essence. You will also have time for a few skin appointments or even to try out some new skincare tools. 

You Should Pay Attention to Major Skin Concerns

When it comes to major skin concerns we all have different ones that we want to get rid of. They can actually ruin the party by making you feel bad or by ruining your makeup. These are the concerns you should treat. 

  • Wrinkles - you can treat this skin concern both in the salon and at home. If you opt for the salon laser would be a great option. At home, you can try boosting the collagen with certain products. 

  • Acne - there is one thing you shouldn’t do with acne - squeeze or pick them. It is a big no before some major event. What you can do is put on a spot treatment with salicylic or glycolic acids. 


  • Hyperpigmentation - lookout for products with ingredients that will brighten your skin: vitamin C, licorice root, and bearberry extract. 

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One Week Before Parties

This is the time when you should have your outfit ready, makeup and hairstyle planned. You will then have enough time to make small changes if necessary. 

It’s Time for Hair

If you have been skipping conditioner, now is the time to return it to your hair routine. The ultra-repairing hair mask is everything you need to make your hair shine, so don’t hesitate to use it, one week before. 

Your Body Too

The first step in having good skin is to exfoliate. Your body as well needs a good exfoliation from time to time to shine. Pick gentle ingredients that won’t be too harsh to your skin, face, lips, or body. You certainly don’t need redness or irritations. 

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The Day or Night Before the Party

Usually, this is when everything big is done and you can concentrate on small things - nails, feet, and your hands. Prepare the hair and calm the skin and you are ready for tomorrow. 

Prep Nails, Hands, and Feet

Your hands, nails, and feet should be in tip-top condition, just like your skin. People at the party will be looking at your shoes, so make sure to pain the nails, or schedule a manicure-pedicure treatment. 

Calm Your Skin

You might feel a bit stressed since the event is tomorrow, but there is no need for that. You can simply relax your nerves by enjoying a hot bath, putting on a mask, and playing calming music. Continue your routine by applying night serum and creme. 

Prepare your Hair

You can save a ton of time by washing your hair an evening before the event. That is how you will prepare the hair, texture, and create an awesome base for the hairstyle. You can put on rollers in the evening, braid the hair, or use a curling iron.

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Day of Party

It is time to party! You simply need to do some last-minute preparations on the day of the party and don’t forget to enjoy it! 

Last-Minute Skin Preparations and Boosting

We know how waking up with acne can be, but we don’t recommend doing the squeezing. Put on spot-treatment patches and you will quickly notice redness and inflammation are gone. 

Before doing your party makeup, put on a clay mask to get rid of extra oil. If your skin is oily you can also try blotting papers. Put them in your clutch for party touch-ups. 

Reach out for hair spray that will keep your style in place the whole night long. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the party. 

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