How Holidays Can Affect Your Skin Condition: 5 Solutions You Can Try

The holiday season is finally here. That precious time you can spend with your friends and family, gathered around the table, indulged in delicious food, or on a gorgeous vacation. However, the holiday season can bring some bad things too, and one of them is definitely the effect it can have on your skin. 

We have gathered all the things that can harm your skin, so you can be aware of them. Use this guide after a party or Thanksgiving dinner so you can make your skin as normal as possible. 

Problem #1: Lack of Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep during winter holidays, food prep, and parties can come as a challenge. You should know that many processes happen inside our bodies when we sleep. Our brains flush out neurotoxins, produce body-repairing hormones which are responsible for cell regeneration. Be aware that lack of sleep can make your cortisol levels go really high, putting your body in a constant state of stress. 

As always all these things can be visible on your skin. From dark circles under the eyes to breakouts and acne. 

Solution: Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your body to work properly and your skin to replace itself. As you can see, it also affects the skin, so make sure to sleep at least seven to eight hours. 

If you find it hard to fall asleep, try to use essential oils. Whether you prefer them in your oil diffuser or as a face spray, these oils should help you fall asleep better and quicker. 

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Problem #2: Too Much Alcohol

Believe it or not, the effects of drinking too much alcohol can be most visible on the skin. Due to acetaldehyde accumulation, your skin can get flashy. Acetaldehyde also damages DNA by producing free radicals. This leads to skin inflammation, breakdown of collagen, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles to appear. 

Solution: You don’t have to give up on drinking alcohol completely, but better opt for drinks that are combined with water. A wine spritzer is a great choice since it is a mix of sparkling water and red wine. 


Problem #3: Too Much Desserts

We all know sugar treats can mean havoc on the skin, right? Even though desserts are the best part of holidays, be smart and try not to overdo with sugar. 

Due to too many sugary treats, glycation can be triggered. It can cause cells to stop working properly and create free radicals. Due to free radical production, collagen and elastin won’t longer be able to do their job and that is keeping your skin healthy and looking young. Skin becomes more vulnerable to different environmental stressors. 

Solution: We get it if it is hard for your to control sugar intake during holidays. Try to take something with you that will satisfy your cravings for sweets, such as berries, apples, or dry fruits. 

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Problem #4: Not Removing Your Makeup Before Bed

While having a bit heavier makeup during holidays won’t cause any problems on your skin, not removing it properly can. When you don’t remove makeup before snoozing off, you can cause many different skin issues - from clogged pores to acne breakouts. 

Solution: Don’t be lazy and always remove your makeup. It is a crucial step in keeping your skin nice and healthy. Make sure to use the right products afterward. This Luminous Mighty Punch serum will surely make your skin bright and glowy in the morning after the party. 

Problem #5: Disrupting Your Skincare Routine

During the holiday season, everyone is too busy. Preparing food, decorating the house, buying gifts - it can all cause stress and make your disrupt your skincare routine. 

Usually, people are lacking time for weekly treatments, such as exfoliators and putting on masks. However, this can cause your skin to appear a bit dull and acne to appear. Keep in mind that makeup potentially won’t go as smoothly as well. 

Solution: Even if you don’t have enough time for all your weekly treatments, make sure to use a mask or exfoliating mask that will remove those dead cells from your face. You will glow again and your makeup will look amazing, whenever you decide to go natural or full-face. 

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