Morning Skincare Mistakes You Potentially Make and How to Avoid Them

While the nighttime routine takes all the fame, not many people are aware that the morning routine is also very important. It is all about getting your skin throughout the day, prepping it right, but also using the correct ingredients. There is no such thing as a correct morning or night routine. However, by following some simple steps or using the right amount of certain products, you can be assured that the skin will take the best out of the skincare products. 

These are some common mistakes that we all make in the morning. Let’s see how we can avoid them and make the best out of our morning skincare routine. 

Skipping Face Wash

It is crucial to wash the face in the nighttime routine. But, did you know it also applies to the morning routine as well? Even though many people will wonder why wash their faces in the morning, there are a few reasons why. First, your skin cells are turning over, doing hard work to maintain a healthy look. 

Second, your pillowcase isn’t exactly clean, so you can expect a bit of dirt and pollution on your face when you wake up. During the night, your face is rolling around the pillowcase and sheets can collect oils from your hair, saliva, and potentially bacteria. All these things need to be washed off the face right after getting up.

Only when you wash your face you can be sure it is prepared for the other skincare products. Use a gentle but effective cleanser with active ingredients so you can be assured the skin is ready for the rest of your skincare products. 

So Many Products of Your Skincare Routine

Too many layers on the skin might not be a good idea. Layering too many active ingredients like glycolic, salicylic, and lactic acid is a mistake that you should definitely avoid in the morning (and in general). If you ask us to tell you the exact amount of skincare products to use - it depends on your skin type. The gold standard is using vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, niacinamide, and sunscreen. 

Forgetting to Exfoliate

All of you probably think now: Isn’t it better to exfoliate in the nighttime? You can, surely, but physical exfoliation in the morning will give you the softness of the skin and that glow. You can continue using chemical exfoliators in the evening but start with using a scrub in the morning. This will brush off dead skin cells that were built up on the skin during the night. 

Not Applying Sunscreen

Some people are just constantly forgetting to apply sunscreen. We get it, it might be an extra product for some and it can cost, but try to find something that will work for you. Gymsegbe offers you an extraordinary product which is a moisturizer and sunscreen in one. Habaek sun protection will not only provide you with SPF 50 but also with so many active ingredients, like niacinamide, shea butter, and Asiatic acid - Gotu kola. 

Take into consideration that sunscreen needs about 30 minutes to set in. Make sure to apply it before leaving the house. 

Skipping the Moisturizer

Skipping moisturizer is not an option. You can often hear from people with oily skin that their moisturizer just makes things worse. That simply isn’t true. Not only your face will be dry and tight, but also skipping moisturizing the other skincare products won’t work. 

You can change the moisturizer seasonally. For winter, choose something with a thicker formulation, and more oils. In summer use something lighter, especially if your skin is dry. Apply it on damp skin, right after toning and serum. 

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