How to Reduce Facial Redness: 7 Tips that Work

Skin redness and flushed skin can be connected to many different things. Whether you were spending time in a warm environment, you were working out, or simply feel embarrassed and shy - facial redness is not something to be ashamed about. However, sometimes, redness can occur because of a skin condition, just like rosacea. Some heavier conditions like endocrine disorders require a bit different treatment. 

While some causes of redness are easier to treat than others, there are certain tips, coming straight from dermatologists that can help. This is how you can calm red, flushed skin. 

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Wear a Soothing Mask

If you have determined that your skin's redness is caused by dryness and irritation, you can always go for a soothing mask. Whether you like to buy it or try some DIY mask with natural ingredients, a mask will soothe the skin and make your skin look fantastic. 

When making a DIY mask, pay attention to the ingredients you are mixing. Rosewater is known as a great ingredient for calming the skin and easing redness. It is enriched with vitamins A, C, and E that make the skin look glowy and silky smooth. 

Try Applying Cool Compresses

A cool compress is a good idea for skin that is red but not caused by some medical condition. Sometimes, skin becomes flushed as a result of widening blood vessels, which allow blood to circulate more. That is why some people experience this facial redness after a heavy workout, drinking alcohol, or after becoming embarrassed. 

Put a cotton cloth in a plastic bag with a few ice cubes. Let it rest in the freezer and after 20 minutes or so, get it out and on your face for around 15-20 minutes. 


We don’t need to mention how moisturizing your skin is important. However, if you are facing facial redness as well, then moisturizing becomes a priority. When your skin is dry, try incorporating a hydrating serum with niacinamide and vitamin C that will be like a splash of water to your face. 

Avoid Products That Can Cause Irritation

Skincare also has products that can easily irritate the skin. You don’t want to have any more problems than you already have, so stay away from retinol, and harsh scrubs, and make sure not to exfoliate too much. 

If you prefer using glycolic or lactic acid, make sure the percentage of them is not too high. Gymsegbe Extreme Gel Peel has a great amount of both acids that won’t damage the skin, even the flushed one. 

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Appropriate Diet and Lifestyle Changes

Revising your diet when you have any skin condition is crucial. In the same way as some skincare ingredients may irritate the outer skin layers, some foods, and drinks do exactly that on the inside. Dermatologists advise trying an anti-inflammatory diet that is full of leafy greens, fish, low-glycemic fruits, and essential oils. On the other hand, avoid dairy products, meat, simple sugars, and grains. 

If you are prone to rosacea and redness avoid spicy foods, tomato, chocolate, cinnamon, and citruses. You should also stop drinking hot beverages, stop smoking, and consume cold water while exercising. 

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Try Hiding it With Makeup

Color correctors are amazing makeup products that can help with skin redness. They come in colors, so you should pick the one with a greenish tone. Green is the opposite of red and it will surely hide some of that redness on your face. 

Wear a Sunscreen

Last, but not least, wear sunscreen always, regardless of weather and season. Sun and heat can also make rosacea worse, so make sure to always wear an SPF 30 or preferably more. 

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