The Perfect 5-Minute Makeup Routine and How to Master It

Whether you are a busy mom or you simply hurry to get to work, you probably know how chaotic mornings can be. Late in bed, preparing breakfast, and getting kids ready for school. Is there any time left for your makeup to be done? 

We have all been there: rushing around the house, our bathroom, trying to drink that coffee while still wanting to make us look decent. Thankfully for us, many women mastered the art of a 5-minute makeup routine and they are happy to share it with all of us. We have collected some of the best pieces of advice for you in hope that you will have more peaceful mornings from now on. 

Start with a Proper Skincare

If there should be time for something in the morning, then that is surely your skincare routine. Simply, once you get up go in the bathroom and cleanse your face. Continue with the rest of the products - toner, serum, and moisturizer. 

The key is to make an excellent base for your makeup. Always try to keep your skin in the best possible condition. The better your skin appears, the less makeup you will need, and more time will be saved! 

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Go Easy on Foundation and Concealer

One of the best things you can do to your makeup routine is to pick products that are multi-purpose and have creamy or stick formula. They are easy to apply, skin-safe, and perfect for quick morning makeup. 

When applying foundation, or concealer, or both, make sure to focus only on parts that tend to be oily. You don’t need to apply a thick layer, just dab the product into the skin using a sponge or a wet brush. That is how you will get a natural tan, but hide all the imperfections. 

You can use your fingers to apply concealer. Warm up a creamy product between your fingers and tap where you needed. Tapping will increase circulation, so your face will look more awake. We all need that, right?

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Creamy Blush and Bronzer

Speaking of multi-purpose products, we all need a creamy bronzer and blush in our lives. Not only because they are easy to apply, but also because you can apply them on cheeks, jaws, forehead, and even your eyelids. The warm brown color of bronzer will add definition, so you don’t need to worry about choosing the eye palette. 

If you prefer blush more, go for the same formula. Creamy blush gives your cheeks a healthy and youthful look that can last all day long. You won’t even need a brush to apply creamy blush. Tap the product with your fingers, make dots and blend them away until it is sheer. 

Low-Maintenance Brows

You will be surprised how a simple brow gel can change the whole look of your face. Even though there are so many products for this part of makeup - pencils, gels, powders, it is on you to find the right one that suits your brows and your skin. 

Whether you prefer natural and huge brows or you like to keep them neutral, a bit of eyebrow gel will be enough. Brush them upward to create a definition. 

Eyes on Point

Creamy eyeshadows are an excellent choice for a quick 5-minute makeup routine. You can choose shades that are both matte or shimmery, just a few tones brighter than your skin tone. Dip your finger in the shadow and go over your lid. You won’t even need a brush. Using your fingers for makeup is much quicker and makes your face look more natural. 

Don’t forget mascara. Just a swipe or two will be enough to make your eyes even brighter and more open. If you have a favorite mascara, then try not to change it, even for a morning makeup look. 

Photo by Karly Jones on Unsplash


Finish the Look with Lipstick

A good-quality lip pencil is perfect for a 5-minute makeup. You can apply it quickly, without a mess. All you need to do is outline the lips and then fill them. If you prefer you can tap the lipstick with your fingers for a soft and natural look. 

If you are not a fan of lipsticks, choose tinted lip balm. Your lips will get some tint, yet they will be well hydrated. 

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