How to Get The “No Makeup” Look

Beauty standards have changed in the time of Covid. They certainly got simpler, with many of us working for home, wearing masks, and barely leaving the house. Full-face makeup seems like something that takes so much time, yet after you put on a mask it can be ruined. 

However, there are still those women who don’t like to go bare skin with no makeup at all. For all of them, the “no makeup” look is perfect to turn to. This is one of those looks that can be adjusted for everybody. But, it takes a few tips and tricks to learn how to get the no-makeup look. Believe us, once you learned, you will not want to put a full-face makeup again. 

Everything Starts With Good Skin Care

If you want to achieve a “no makeup” look and make your skin appear glowy and healthy, then you need to have a good skincare routine. It is all about preparing your skin, by applying the products, and massaging them into the skin so your blood circulation boosts. 

So, you should apply a gentle cleanser, following by a serum, maybe a mask, and seal hydration with a good moisturizer. Skincare will be directly connected with how foundation or concealer will look on your face. 

Use a Primer

The easiest way to get a smooth base is to use a primer. This product should keep everything in place, so you don’t need to worry your makeup will disappear during the day. 

Opt for the one that suits your skin type. Usually, primers are for mattifying oily skin, but there are also many that can be used on dry or normal skin. For glowy skin, use the primer with a bit of shimmer (also called illuminators).


Foundation or No Foundation? 

Some makeup artists suggest going foundation-free when you do the “no makeup” look. However, we think you should avoid the foundations with heavy coverage. Instead, go for tinted, BB, or CC creams that are lightweight, with minimal coverage power. Most importantly, they give your face a good dose of hydration that you need. 

You can apply the base of preference with a brush or a sponge. If you prefer, the sponge can be damp so the coverage will be lightweight and very natural. Your fingertips are also an option if you prefer that way of applying makeup. 


Use Concealer Smart

Unlike foundation, concealer is the best option for targeted application. Makeup artists suggest picking a flat small brush that will hide the blemished. Furthermore, you will need to use your fingertips for the dark circles. They simply need a bit more coverage than usual. 

Make sure to pick the right concealer color. You don’t want to go five shades brighter than your skin is. That simply won’t work. You can even mix your eye cream with the concealer. That is how you get 2 in 1 - hydration and coverage. 

Creamy Eyeshadow for Open Eyes

For making your eyes look wide open, use a creamy eyeshadow. It should be in the color of your skin, maybe a bit darker or lighter. If you wish, it can also have a shimmer or be matte. Apply it with your fingers or a soft brush all over your lid. These creamy eyeshadows are so easy to apply and they can last all day long. 

Photo by Diana Ruseva on Unsplash


Highlighter for Natural Glow

When it comes to highlighters, we suggest opting for a creamy formula as well. It is not only easy to apply, but it can last much longer than the powder one. 

Adding a nice dewy layer to the top of your cheekbones will add a healthy and glowy to your natural “no makeup” look. If you use other creamy products as well, you can be sure they all will blend perfectly into your skin.

Cream Blush on Cheeks

As you can see, creamy products are more than welcome for this “no makeup” look. You can apply them easily, and they give that natural appearance, without a cakey finish. 

There is something gorgeous and healthy-looking about adding a bit of blush on your cheeks. Get that look by adding blush on the apples of the cheeks, and if you prefer on the nose bridge and onto the temples. 

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


Brows and Lashes

This is one of those steps that you can skip altogether. Some women simply prefer not to wear mascara and that is completely fine. On the contrary, if you wish, you can use an eyelash curler and add a light coat of mascara on the top lashes only.  

When it comes to brows, wash them away from the face, since this will make them appear fuller. Use transparent brow gel to keep them sealed in one place during the day. 

Give Your Lips a Tint

For the lips, opt for something that will give both tint and a dose of hydration. From balms to matte lipsticks that last all day long - it is definitely your choice. Balms are practical because you can reapply them and keep the package in your pocket. On the other hand, if you like bright colors that say on the lips, choose matte lipstick. 

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