Travel Habits that Will Keep your Skin Healthy On-the-Go

If you are a fan of traveling, then you know how nice those travels can be. Whether you are going seaside or to the mountains, there are some important things to remember. Alongside getting a passport, packing your clothes, and travel card, always think about your skin and how to keep it healthy on the go. 

You don’t want to let your vacation be the thing that knocks you off your skincare game. It is crucial to keep your skincare routine as regular as possible. Otherwise, you will shortly notice breakouts, sunburns, and the appearance of acne. 

Since November is a month of holidays and vacations, we have prepared some tips and travel habits that you should know to keep your skin healthy on the go. 

Keep the Skin Care Routine as Usual as Possible

Many people complain that their skin got worse after traveling. Those with eczema and irritations, or those with acne and breakouts - they all say their skin changed after vacation. Do you know why that happens? Because they have probably changed the products they are using or the skincare routine they have incorporated. 

Sticking to your home routine is practically crucial even on vacations. You can avoid many unpleasant situations by packing all those products that you are using for a day and at night routine. We suggest buying travel-size skincare products so you can pack them effortlessly, yet keep your skin flawless. 

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

Even in the air, don’t ever forget your sunscreen. Especially if you are going on seaside vacations. This product is crucial for protecting the skin and preventing it from burns. We suggest buying a sunscreen with broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection

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Focus on Essential Products

If you are one of those people who have many steps in your skincare routine, but you want to pack lightly, then focus on essential products. Those would be a cleanser, moisturizer, SPF, and night creme. You can skip serums and toners for a few days, but don’t ditch your moisturizers. 

Don’t Use Makeup Wipes

Even if they seem like space-saving products, makeup wipes are not an ideal solution for makeup removal. Dermatologists recommend not using them at all. They simply won’t remove all your makeup, and can potentially leave residues that clog the pores. 

If you are going to use makeup wipes, either way, make sure to use a gentle cleanser afterward. That is how all the dirt and oil will be removed from your face and neck. 

Long-Lasting Makeup on Flight is a Big NO

One of the biggest pieces of advice you will get from dermatologists is not putting long-lasting makeup on the flight. Even though this means you will look great when you arrive at your destination, this type of makeup can cause some skin damage. Combined with dry air in airplanes, long-lasting lipsticks can completely dry out your lips. 

Some prefer to wear tinted moisturizer, but it is better to stick to your regular routine and wear moisturizer and SPF.

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Bring a Jade Roller

Jade roller is one of those accessories that you don’t know exactly if you need in your life. We will say - you do. It is small enough to put in your carry-on bag and use on the plane. After applying your eye cream and moisturizer you can use a jade roller and massage your face. Having a jade roller around on the flight and vacation is perfect for promoting a ritual of relaxation. 

Beauty Sleep is Important (Even on Vacation)

Not sleeping enough during your holidays can just make your skin look worst. Beauty sleep is not called that in vain, so try to get a good night’s sleep even when you are traveling. 

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