The Best Ways To Treat Stressed-Out Skin: 5 Things You Should Try

Stress affects every part of our body. As the skin is the largest organ in our bodies, unfortunately, it is not excluded from being stressed out. Taking some time to relax, soothe your mind and soul will surely help your skin to feel better too. 

Everything from work stress to skipping a meal throughout the day can make a huge impact on your skin. Those problems start to appear in the forms of redness, acne, breakouts, and general dullness - your skin has lost its glow. 

Alongside obvious things you need to do in life, like having enough sleep, good and balanced diet, and training, some certain ingredients and remedies can help fight stressed-out skin. Read out what can cause your skin to be stressed out and how to treat it. 

Not Getting Enough Sleep

If you are having trouble sleeping well, don’t worry; you are definitely not the only one. It happened to all of us at some point, and the result of it is dry and dull skin. Not the mention those dark circles under the eyes and boring puffiness. The lack of sleep can worsen the circles under the eyes because of the lost volume. 

How to Solve: Dull and dry skin appear as a consequence of not having enough sleep. Dry skin can be solved by using sheet masks with hyaluronic acid. This ingredient will attract moisture and make your skin beautiful again. After the mask, use a cream to seal in the moisture. 

When it comes to dull skin, a facial massage is a must-try. Use a jade roller or your hands and make the circulation back on track again. 

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Life Stress

When you are feeling under pressure, whether you are underworked or having problems in other life aspects, this can be shown on your skin. Skin easily gets dehydrated, which leads to dead skin cells forming a layer and making it look dull. 

How to Solve: Use a hydrating mask that contains avocado, butter, fruit extracts, honey, and oils. These ingredients will calm the skin, lock in moisture and make it look glowy. You can also use gentle exfoliators. They remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin flawless and making it glowy again. 

Poor and Unbalanced Diet

You surely noticed: every time you have a poor diet for days, meaning too much fast food, your face reacts alongside your body. When we don’t have a balanced diet that consists of proteins, collagen in the skin can be compromised. Since this is what keeps skin firm, you can notice wrinkles and fine lines appear. 

How to Solve: Alongside the obvious healthy diet, there are some things you can try that may lead to nicer-looking skin. For instance, you can add antioxidants to your skincare routine. Niacinamide, retinol, or hyaluronic acid - it is up to you to choose. 


Many women notice their skin change while they travel. This is very common since that is the time when many change their routines, from skincare to food and exercise. Change in climate, water, and diet can lead to stressed-out skin on vacations. However, that is certainly not something you should be worried about. 

How to Solve: Keeping up with your skincare routine is the most important step. If you don’t have a place in your suitcase for all your skincare, transfer them into smaller packages that you can buy online or in any drugstore. 

Environmental Pollution 

Living in a big city carries many pros, but also cons. You can be sure that urban pollution is real and that it can damage and affect your skin condition. Since the face is the most exposed part of the body, you need to protect it very well to avoid stressing it out. 

How to Solve: Wearing sunscreen is obligatory every time you go out. However, using antioxidants in your skincare can also help. They shield your face from pollution. Vitamin C protects the skin from free radicals in the pollution that can clog the pores. 

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