How to Take Care of Dry Skin: 10 Tips that Really Help

Whether it is winter or summer, dry or humid place where you live, dry skin needs some extra care and love. Dry skin can often feel uncomfortable, dull, and tight. Additional products might not help lock the moisture, but if you pick the right ones and combine them with these tricks, you will notice the difference. This article shows you how to take care of dry skin by simply changing your daily habits. 

Dry Skin Rule #1: Use Lukewarm Water

Even though many of us like to take hot showers, high water temperature is not the best option for our faces. When the temperature is too high, this strips natural oils, which leads to dry and tight skin. Use lukewarm water when you bathe and wash your face. 

Dry Skin Rule #2: Exfoliate Once a Week

Dead skin cells build up on the face surface, causing your skin to be itchy and irritated. An easy way to get rid of flaky skin is to exfoliate it regularly. Use gentle exfoliators or chemical peels, that won’t be too harsh for your dry face. 

You should see how your skin reacts to the scrub and how many times you should use it. We recommend using it once a week, especially chemical peels. 

Dry Skin Rule #3: Use Gentle Cleanser

It is important to pick a cleanser that will be gentle to your skin. As this is the first step of a skincare routine the cleanser must be chosen right. You can go for a fragrance-free cleanser or micellar water. Both are good for your dry skin and will provide enough moisture.

how to take care of dry skin

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Dry Skin Rule #4: Use Avocado Face Masks

Whether you are into making your own facemask or you would like to buy sheet masks, make sure they have avocado in them. Avocado is enriched with Vitamin E and potent antioxidants. 


A recipe for a quick avocado face mask: mash half of avocado, add one tablespoon olive oil, and tablespoon milk. Mix well, and apply to your face. Wait for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. 


Dry Skin Rule #5: Sunscreen is Crucial

We think that everyone has already learned how important sunscreen is, regardless of the weather and season. It is crucial! Harmful sun rays can only make your dry skin feel worse, make it look dull, and age faster. You should wear sunscreen every day and incorporate it into your daily skincare routine. 


Apply a sunscreen with an SPF 50 with broad-spectrum UVA, and you will instantly notice that your dry skin is not so dry anymore. 


Dry Skin Rule #6: Use Both Oil and Moisturizer

If you were wondering about using oil and moisturizer on your dry skin, then we say go for it. It won’t make your skin feel extra oily, but extra hydrated. You can layer both of these products, and follow the reaction of your skin. Apply a moisturiser, and then lock the moisture with face oil. 

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Dry Skin Rule #7: Use Cream or Oil-Based Makeup

Even though it sounds like something you can wear all day long, water-based makeup is not suitable for dry skin. It usually contains dimethicone that will dry out your skin, so your makeup will appear cracky and patchy. 


Instead, opt for creamy products, oil-based makeup that will last on your skin yet make it look glowy and natural. 


Dry Skin Rule #8: Apply Lip Balm Regularly

Dry skin doesn’t only mean your cheeks, forehead, and face. Your lips can be dry and cracky as well. Don’t forget to apply a lip balm regularly on your lips, keep it in your bag and on your nightstand. This is especially important if you are wearing lipstick - you don’t want those cracks on your lips to be seen. 


Dry Skin Rule #9: Use Hyaluronic Acid Serum

A hyaluronic acid serum will keep your skin healthy, reduce wrinkles, and make it look plump and luminous. Since dry skin is prone to premature aging, this kind of serum will keep the moisture on maximum during the day. Apply the serum before moisturizer and after cleaning.

how to take care of dry skin

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Dry Skin Rule #10: Stay Hydrated

You should drink enough water, so both your skin and body are well hydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, and even more if you are working out or living in hot climate conditions. Eat watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes, and oranges to provide enough nutrients, and antioxidants that keep your body and after all your dry skin hydrated and healthy. 

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