How to Achieve Glass Skin: The K-beauty Trend You Need to Try

A fascination with the K-beauty standards is still on. Skincare products, as well as their formulas, ingredients, and packaging, are all over our social media profiles. No surprise! Korean beauty products are definitely worth trying. 

In the last few months, skincare enthusiasts talk about the newest trend, coming from K-beauty. It is called glass skin. Wonder what it is? According to Korean skincare experts, glass skin is poreless, reflective, and kind of glossy skin. That is why it actually looks like it is made of glass.


How To Achieve Glass Skin?

Glass skin is all about having healthy, well moisturized, and youthful skin. It is definitely not impossible to achieve it, especially with the products that are made according to Korean beauty standards. 

While you need to find suitable skincare products, you also need dedication and a daily skincare regimen so your skin can look as smoother as possible. Hydration is definitely the core of this skincare trend. Here are some things you also need to know about if you want to achieve glass skin. 

Start With Double Cleanse

It comes as no surprise that this K-beauty way of getting perfect skin starts with double cleansing. Clean skin is a perfect canvas for glass skin. You should find ingredients and products that are very mild. Use an oily cleanser to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. Then, follow with brightening gel foam that removes the rest of the dirt and residue, but without irritating your skin. 

Don’t Skip Exfoliation

You can’t simply achieve that glass skin without proper exfoliation. Whether you prefer to use a physical (scrub) or chemical exfoliator (glycolic or lactic acid), it is important to do it two to three times a week. By doing so, you will remove the dead skin cells from the outer layer, unclog the pores and make your skin breathe again. 

Liquids are Must Have

Toners have that bad reputation as they were made with a lot of alcohol. However, fortunately for us, that is not the case with Korean skincare standards. A good toner will balance the skin, right after cleanse and exfoliation and hydrate it. Toner will allow other products to penetrate even more deeply into the skin. Use a toner that hydrates, brighten, and balance your face. This Dynamic toner will do exactly that - and more. 

You can also try incorporating essence into your skincare routine. It has the same consistency as toner, but it is more like a serum. They address some skin concerns such as redness and hyperpigmentation. 

Apply Serum

Serums are super concentrated products, with a lot of active ingredients. They nourish the skin, but also can be used if you have some skin concerns - redness, acne, etc. You should look for the ingredients that add a glowy appearance to your skin. Hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and peptides all hydrate brighten protect with antioxidants and provide you with smooth and fine skin texture. Luminous Mighty Punch serum is a must-have product for your Korean beauty skincare routine. 

Don’t Forget Your Eye Area

A dry eye area certainly won’t help if you want to achieve glass skin. To nourish your delicate eye area choose an eye cream with squalane and peptides and fruit extract. It can even be thicker than your moisturizer, but no worries. If your under-eye area is dry, it will penetrate into the skin. 

Seal All These with Moisturizer

To achieve glass skin, you will need to find a moisturizer that is light, yet suitable for your skin type. You should avoid mattifying creams and moisturizers, but rather pick something that promises a glowy and luminous appearance. 

We love this Habaek Sun Protection moisturizer. It is a perfect 2-in-1 product that moisturizes and protects against harmful sun rays.

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