How to Use Face Mists: 6 Reasons To Start Using Them Right Now

Facial mists seem like a perfect solution, whether you are looking for a hydration boost or a midday refresh. If you are a skincare enthusiast (like us) then you have already heard about the mists taking over the industry by storm. 


The only thing you should know is how to apply face mist correctly, without actually drying out the skin. The skin cells need proper hydration, they are like fish and need water to live. You can give them that with proper usage of any facial mist. 


How To Use Facial Mist

The facial mists should be used after cleansing the skin. Once you have rinsed off the cleanser and your skin is still a bit damp, you have a short time period to use it for a facial mist. Ideally, it should be sprayed on a cotton pad first. That is how you remove chlorine, salts, and minerals that can dehydrate the skin. Otherwise, if you just mist, you are only diluting tap water. 


After using a mist you can proceed with serums and moisturizers. The last step, moisturizer, should be with protective emollients or oils. This is how you will lock in the moisture. 


6 Reasons Why You Should Try It

Face Mist refreshes the skin

Whether your skin is naturally dry or simply looking dull a few spritzes of a face mist is everything you will need to transform the skin. Using a face mist is refreshing, especially on a hot day, after a workout, or at the beach. 


Face Mist Helps Seal Extra Moisture

Another great way to seal extra moisture is to apply your face mist between skincare products. This will create a dewy, plumper look that is hydrated and healthy. 


Face Mist Can Boost Collagen Production

When you feel like your face needs just a bit more hydration and moisture, use an Indulgent Bliss Collagen mist from Gysegbe. This mist will not only boost collagen production with collagen peptides - it is enriched with lemon rose, adenosine, and many other powerful ingredients. Most importantly, it is water-based, with no oily traces or anything else on your face. Just pure refreshment. 


Face Mist Primes the Skin

It is important to prime the skin before applying your makeup. A face mist that contains glycerin or anything similar, can be a great primer. The mist creates a barrier between the skin and the makeup. 


Face Mist is Great for Makeup

Using a face mist before makeup is great for making it more natural and eliminating the traces of a powder. It eliminates the traces of concealer as well, so you won’t look like you are even wearing a few different products on your face. 


Face Mist Hydrates on The Go

Choosing a face mist that is full of hydrating ingredients is perfect when you need a boost of hydration on the go. Indulgent Bliss collagen face mist is packed with ingredients that hydrate, plump, nourish, and fill in wrinkles and fine lines. Everything you need when you feel your skin is a bit dull, right?

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