How to Use Body Lotion: Hydrated and Silky Skin in Winter

Keeping your skin moisturized is one of the key things you need to do. However, most of us somehow forget (or don’t do it properly) to hydrate the skin from the chin below. We are talking about body lotions, and how they can make your skin look and feel silky and healthy. 

Choosing and using lotion doesn’t have to be complicated at all. With these pieces of advice, as well as one product recommendation you will have nice and hydrated skin in no time. New Year - new habits. Let hydrating your body be one of your resolutions. 

Benefits of Using Body Lotion

When we talk about body lotion benefits, there are many. However, the most important one is creating a layer that traps water and nutrients. The body lotion also prevents dryness and promotes the overall health of the skin. These things are surely the main benefits, but with today’s formulas body lotions can do so much more. They target wrinkles, cellulite, and even skin conditions like eczema and keratosis pilaris. 

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How to Pick the Right Body Lotion for Your Skin?

There are a few ways to determine and pick the right body lotion. Start with your body/skin type. 

  • If your skin is dry to very dry: go for thicker formulas and oil-based formulations that are full of emollients and occlusive ingredients. 
  • If you have normal to dry skin: go for lighter formulations, that are water-based. 

Is it Balm or Lotion? 

Any formula that is oil-based, thicker, and rich is called balm or cream. Lighter, water-based formulas are usually referred to as lotions. Thicker formulas, balms, and creams come in jars or tubes so you can squeeze them out or scoop them. On the other hand, lighter lotions come in bottles with a pump. 

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Ingredients to Look For

There are three most common ingredient groups that you can find in body lotions, balms, or creams. Those are humectants, emollients, and occlusives. 

  • Emmolients - these ingredients will soften the skin, give it that silky feel, as well as instantly moisturize the skin. The most important ingredients from this group are jojoba oil and squalane. 
  • Humectants - ingredients from this group will attract and trap the water. These ingredients tend to be mostly present in body lotions because they are not heavy on the skin. Some of the most popular are hyaluronic acid and glycerin. 
  • Occlusives - Some ingredients like petrolatum, butters, and waxes create a protective layer on the skin that should lock in the moisture. These occlusives make sure that your skin is well hydrated and that you don’t suffer from water loss.

How and When to Use Body Lotion?

All skincare experts agree that you should apply the body lotion after taking a shower. Hot water and steam can make the skin dry, especially in wintertime. So, make it a routine. After every shower, you take, make sure to apply your favorite lotion, balm or cream. 

Towel dry the skin, but not completely. Make sure to apply a generous amount of the lotion and rub it into your skin until it is fully absorbed. 

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