How to Get the Best Results While using an Eye Cream

When you buy any skincare product, you expect the most of them. Isn’t that right? But what if we tell you that sometimes it depends on some small secrets? If you want to learn how to get the most out of your eye cream, then follow these pieces of advice. 

People buy a product without knowing how to use it properly. When you buy an eye cream you expect miracles. However, looking for the right ingredients, as well as the proper application can give you the results. You can follow our top tips for making the most out of your favorite cream. 

You Can Apply Eye Cream First

Whether you have a two-step or seven-step skincare routine, you can apply your eye cream first. On a clean face, apply eye cream and then follow with other products you use, serums, moisturizers, etc. Since eye cream can’t fully penetrate through other products, tapping it after serum or moisturizer might not be the best idea. 

Cool Eye Cream Before Application

All that scrolling and late nights outside can make your eyes a bit puffy. You can wake them up by applying your favorite eye cream but cool. Pop it in the fridge in the evening and it will be fantastically cool in the morning when you apply it. 

Go For a Skincare Tool

Skincare tools like a jade roller can only enhance the result of eye cream. You can also keep it in the fridge for a cooling effect. Roll carefully under the eye area and enjoy. If you are wondering here are a couple of tricks on how to use a jade roller

Use the Right Amount

Actually, you will only need a small amount of product to make it pretty effective. You will need a pea-sized amount. Pat it under your eyes, from the inner corners to the outer ones, and bring the rest to the upper lids and under brow bones.

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Search for These Ingredients

You can look for certain ingredients in eye cream. Some of them like niacinamide and vitamin C are perfect for lighting up discoloration. Others like squalane in our new eye cream can reduce puffiness and dark circles. It is about finding the best ingredients that will work the best on your skin, according to your skin type as well. That is only how your eye cream will show the best results. 

Wait Before Makeup

If you wish to wear makeup after applying your skincare products, then follow these tips. You should wait at least one minute after you have applied your eye cream. Then you can follow with your foundation or concealer. Otherwise, it can simply slide off, making your face uneven. 

Give it Some Time

Fresh skin can’t come overnight. Puffiness simply can’t disappear in a few days, and you should know that. For best results, wait at least six to eight weeks. That is when you should start noticing differences. Your wrinkles and fine lines will be minimized and puffiness and dark circles less noticeable. 

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