Glowy and Illuminated: How to Get Healthy No-Makeup Makeup Look

Every woman dreams about having radiant and glowy skin. Healthy skin can look like that, but these things can also be achieved with makeup. Trendy glowy makeup, or as some call it no-makeup makeup is super easy to do. You just need a good base and creamy, illuminated products that will provide the illuminated skin. 

This makeup is not all about adding a highlighter to your makeup routine. It is about finding perfect powder, liquid, and cream makeup products that will create the look. Here is a step by step guide on how to create glowy makeup. 

Step One: Start with a Good Base

Starting with a good base is very important for glowy makeup. Using skincare products with ingredients that provide extra moisture is crucial if you want your makeup to work. The Luminous Mighty Punch serum now comes in a bigger package. This serum is packed with ingredients that present the perfect base for your glowy makeup - niacinamide, vitamin C, licorice root, and other fruit extracts. When you apply a serum wait a minute before applying moisturizer. Then you can continue with sunscreen and begin applying your makeup. 

Step Two: Illuminating Primer

Instead of using a usual makeup primer, find the one that has shimmer in it. This is how you make your skin glow. Don’t be gentle with primer. Use your makeup brush and go for it. Put it nicely on your whole face and neck. Wait a bit before applying other products. 

Step Three: Foundation

When it comes to foundations, many tend to avoid them when doing glowy makeup looks. Whether you prefer a foundation with full coverage or something lighter, you can apply foundation in a few different ways. You can use your brush or your fingers. If you are going for a better cover, use a brush. Otherwise, the warmth of your fingertips will create that glowy no-makeup makeup look on your face. 

The key to applying foundation is to tap and dab it, rather than covering everything. Apply it only where you want to mattify or decrease shine. 

Step Four: Concealer

Concealer is definitely an optional product in this guide. You can apply it, but also skip it if preferred. However, we do recommend applying an eye creme. Multi-Elite eye cream will reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles. Then you can apply a concealer that will brighten and create a glowy appearance in your under-eye area. Opt for a concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation.

Step Five: Blush and Bronzer

For blush and bronzer, you want to apply them as powder. Since you have used foundation and concealer that is creamy or liquid, it is a good idea to tap some setting powder before using blush or bronzer. This will prevent both of these products from sticking to your liquid and cream products. 

If you applied a bit too much bronzer or blush, simply use a brush that you previously applied your foundation with and tone things down. 

Step Six: Highlighter

And for the end, let us see that glow. Use a powder highlighter, just for the same reason as mentioned above. You should apply a highlighter on the peaks of your cheekbones, nose bridge, Cupid’s bow, the inner corner of your eyes, and even on your ears (if they are not covered). 

Add a bit of a lip balm or neutral nude lipstick and you are good to go and glow! 

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