Do You Know When to Use the Jade Roller in Skin Care Routine?

You have probably seen jade roller all over your social media feed. It seems like everyone is using it, rolling it across their faces, and claiming it does miracles. But the question is do you know when to use the jade roller in skin care routine? Does it come before or after skincare products? Don’t worry, we have prepared a guide that will help you incorporate this new beauty tool that many women adore. 

As the matter of fact, people are using a jade roller for a really long time. It originates in China, centuries ago. It is nothing new - on the contrary, it is a very old way to fight against puffiness and dull skin. 

Before Using a Jade Roller

If you have already decided to buy a jade roller, these are three steps you need to follow before you start using it. 

Store it in the fridge - the key feature of the jade roller is the massage, and the cold jade stone can help in reducing puffiness on your face. 

Cleanse your skin - use your regular cleansing products, foam, gel, or oil to cleanse your skin before applying the rest of the products.

Apply your usual skincare products - no matter if you use or skip a serum, or face oil, once you finish your routine it is time for a jade roller.


jade roller

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How to Use Jade Roller

It is important to learn the right motions and directions where your jade roller should be on your face and neck. Only then you will notice some changes and be able to say: Wow, this tool does work! 


Which Side? 

It is crucial to know that the smaller side of the jade roller is for the eye area, while the big can be used for the forehead, cheeks, and neckline. 


Roll From the Center of Your Face Outwards

This is the way you will prevent puffiness since the lymphatic drainage is located at the sides of the face. Rolling the fluid away towards the side of your face will naturally stimulate the system to drain the excess fluid. 


Don’t Overdo it

It is not the point to use a jade roller for half an hour. Skincare experts recommend doing around 10 to 20 strokes on each face section. 


Follow Your Contours

If you are aiming for the best possible results, then you should roll in the direction of your contours. It means that when you are using a jade roller on your neck and cheek area, you should roll a bit up upward. 


Don’t Forget Under Your Eyes

For some women, rolling the cold jade under their eye area is the best part of using it. You need to use a small side and roll it from your nose line pulling up to the eyebrow line. You can even roll the area under your eyebrows if you feel super puffy. We should only mention - do this extremely gently, don’t pull and push the roller. 

jade roller skin care routine

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Benefits of Using a Jade Roller in Skin Care Routine

Knowing when to use the jade roller in a skin care routine is important, but you should also know about all the benefits you can get. Among face massage, there are a few more things that jade roller can improve on your skin. 


Puff-free and Tighter Skin 

Many things can cause face puffiness - from drinking alcohol to salty food and hormonal disbalances. However, one of the key features of jade roller massage is that it should reduce puffiness and make your skin look tighter. 


Keep in mind that these results are only temporary. You should improve your diet, eat less salty food and ask your doctor about a hormone check if you feel your face is puffy all the time. 


Stimulates Blood Circulation

Facial rolling improves blood circulation, which leads to brighter and healthier skin. Face massage in general improves circulation, but when you use a roller you will potentially get even better results. 


Better Skincare Products Absorption

Since you need to apply a serum or a moisturizer before using a jade roller, it will only make them absorb better into your skin.


Reducing the Appearance of Wrinkles

The massage effect of the jade roller will also help in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The roller won’t make them disappear, but stimulating face muscles will make them look tighter and your skin healthier. 


When to Use the Jade Roller in Skin Care Routine

Skin experts recommend using it in the evening. Incorporating a jade roller in your night routine is better since you will have more time for a massage. However, if you also have time in the morning and want to reduce puffiness, go for it. You can’t overuse the roller.

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How to Care For Jade Roller

Believe it or not, a jade roller is a skincare tool as any other, and it needs to be clean. You can clean it after each use with a soft cloth. Preferably, clean it once a week when you wash your makeup brushes. 


You shouldn’t soak it in the water. Use a gentle makeup remover or soak a cloth into the soapy water and clean your jade roller. Let it dry completely before storing. 


Before You Go

Make sure to buy a high-quality roller. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them now on the market, that are not genuine. Find the price that suits you, but make sure to check if it is a real thing. 

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