How to Save your Skin After Party Hangover

Everyone always talks about what you should do if you had just a little bit too much drink. Drink water, eat something nice and light. We all heard those pieces of advice. But no one ever talks about the damage that hangovers can make to our skin. What you can do the day after if you had too many margaritas or Christmas peppermint schnapps? We have the answers - these are the things that will turn your skin back to normal. 

Drink a Lot of Water

Isn’t this a universal piece of advice that works for everything? Water is so important for our bodies in order to work properly. As you know, it is also important for keeping your skin healthy, especially during the winter and summer months. 

You can actually start the day after with water rather than coffee. After that, you can go for a tea or latte, but make sure to drink at least 32 ounces of water. 

Oil Cleansers Will Help

Oil cleansers are great for all skin types. They are always welcome in winter when our skin is dry and itchy. You can start your daily routine with an oil cleanse. They should remove all the dirt, excess oil, and that makeup residues that (potentially) stayed on your face from the night before. Emulsify it with water and remove everything. 

Gentle Cleanser (Second Cleanse)

The rule of double cleanse is to use a gentle gel cleanser after using the oil. You can go for your regular cleanser, just make sure it is gentle to your skin. You don’t want any irritations. According to skin experts, a cleanser is one of the most important products in your skincare routine, so make sure to use it, especially after a hangover. 

Exfoliator Will Save You

Chemical exfoliators are perfect to use after a party hangover. Whether you decide to use a mask, toner, or a peel, just make sure they have exfoliating acids. Look for mandelic, salicylic, lactic, malic, and glycolic acids. They should work to clean those dead skin cells and remove any traces of the party from the night before. 

Put on A Mask (and Relax)

The best way to re-hydrate your skin is to use a mask. You can opt between clay masks and moisturizing masks. Both will make your skin look great, even after the party hangover. 

A good clay mask will prevent any breakouts by cleaning your skin. You should watch out and pick a mask that isn’t too strong - make sure it won’t dry out your skin. 

When it comes to moisturizing masks, they are great for all skin types. Since alcohol can deprive the skin of water, you will need something that will hydrate it and make it glowy again. A sheet mask is a great way to relax and give your skin that hydration boost that it needs. You can even keep your mask in the fridge, it will feel extremely refreshing. 

Rich Moisturizer

If you are using light moisturizers or gel creams, now is the time to opt for something richer. Creme or a thick and rich moisturizer that will lock in all the moisture is what you need to save your skin after a party hangover. 

Don’t Forget an Eye Creme

You woke up with puffy eyes and don’t know what to do? Use an eye cream just after you have applied moisturizer. 

You Can Try Face Massage

Alongside applying eye cream, you can try facial massage. Use tools like a jade roller or your fingers - the key is to boost circulation and blood flow. Lower face parts and under-eye areas are usually the places to massage. That is where alcohol can make the most damage. 

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