How to Prep Your Skin for Thanksgiving Dinner

And just like that - the festive season is almost here. A lot of holidays are knocking on our doors, so we better get ready for them. When we say get ready, we don’t mean only to prepare dresses, shoes, and clutch bags. There is no excuse in prepping your skin for different dinners, parties, and gatherings. Believe it or not, skin that looks good counts as that perfect festive outfit. 

Let’s start with Thanksgiving. It is one of the biggest holidays and looking amazing on that day is crucial, alongside having a nice time with loved ones. You can prepare your skin for the day by starting small, changing some routines or products, or simply following these tips we have prepared. 

Prep Step #1: Cleansing Your Face

If you are the one who is preparing Thanksgiving dinner, then we strongly recommend not to put makeup on while doing it. Maybe it is better to wait after everything is ready. You might have built up sweat and dirt while cooking, so your makeup can turn out to be terrible. 

Instead, use a gentle cleanser, toner or micellar water to clean and refresh your face. Make sure it is the product that suits your skin type. The festive season is not the time to experiment with skincare products. Micellar water and Toner are the perfect choice for both toning and cleansing the skin. You can wipe out all the excess dirt and sweat with a cotton pad. On the other hand, if gel or foam is your preferred skincare product for cleansing - go for them. 

Prep Step #2: Exfoliation

Skin exfoliation is important. Doing it twice a week or even more will get back that glow that dead skin cells might be hiding. For the festive season, opt for quick exfoliating methods, pre-soaked pads with chemical exfoliating peel. They are simple to use, perfect for situations like Thanksgiving when you need a quick fix before dinner. 

You can also do this the night before Thanksgiving. It might be safer, so your skin won’t react to some chemicals. Use glycolic acid if you want glowy and healthy-looking skin, with no dead cells insight. 

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Prep Step #3: Put on A Mask

A perfect thing about putting on a face mask is doing it while preparing or chopping some veggies. You can choose a mask for hydration, glow, or the one that suits your skin type. Mask wipes are also a good option if you don’t want to be bothered and rinse off your face mask. 

Prep Step #4: Hydration

The serum then moisturizer will ensure your skin glow and health. You can go for lightweight serum, just like our Mighty Punch, and then seal all the moisture with Habaek face moisturizer. Both of these products are formulated to promote a face glow, healthy, and natural look without too much makeup. Isn’t that what we all want?

Prep Step #5: Protection

Even if you think you might spend all day in the kitchen, you never know when you might need to go outside. Wearing a protection SPF is the only way to preserve the glow you got by doing all these steps. So, let the moisturizer with SPF or sunscreen itself be the last step of your Thanksgiving skincare prep. 

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Prep Step #6: Putting on Makeup

You are now ready to put on makeup for dinner. A good base is crucial, so opt for a foundation with light coverage that can be buildable. Use creamy products if you run out of time and try to find multi-purpose ones. 

Finish the look with a nice red or nude lipstick, and dress it into your festive attire. 

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