Gym Skin Care: How to Take Care of Your Skin Before and After Workout

It is widely known how good working out can be for both physical and mental health. However, some people might experience trouble with their skin after heavy workouts. From touching your face to sharing a bunch of equipment with others - all these things can make some serious skin concerns. But, this doesn’t mean you should avoid the gym. 

What you do before and after going to the gym is crucial for keeping your skin in a good condition. You want to know what? Keep reading and come back to these pieces of advice every time you go to the gym. 

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Skip Makeup

If you are about to hit the gym, the best option is to do it with a makeup-free face. As you workout, your pores open, and the last thing you want is makeup residues inside the pores. You should let your skin breathe while working out, and the best way to do it is by avoiding any makeup products. 

However, since some people are not comfy enough to go with bare skin, tinted creams that won’t clog any pores are a great solution. 

Wash Face ASAP

This step is a must, whether you are wearing makeup or not. It is very important to wash your face as soon as you finish your gym session. You can use a gentle cleanser, like Gymsegbe Advanced Brightening gel, that will thoroughly clean the face from sweat, bacteria, and other residues. 

Washing your face with water will also cool off the skin and help the skin to return to normal temperature levels. 

Pack Toner Pads

According to dermatologists, a good thing you should pack in your gym bag is toner pads. They should be soaked in a product that has active ingredients, like salicylic acid or glycolic acid. 

These pads can perfectly remove dirt and oil from your face. Both salicylic acid and glycolic acid are chemical peeling agents, so they gently yet effectively remove layers of sweat and dirt from the face. 

Just keep in mind that people with extremely sensitive skin shouldn’t use these pads, or should consult with their dermatologist. 

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Bring Your Own Face Towel

Even though every gym will ensure you have a clean towel to wipe your face off after a workout, bringing your own might be a better idea. Gym towels are clean, but sometimes your face can react to different detergents. 

Find a towel that is not too fluffy, nor too thin. The medium thickness will be ideal since they won’t contain bacteria. After washing and drying your face, leave it a bit wet. Then immediately apply the moisturizer to lock in those water beads. 

An important thing to remember is to clean the towels after every use. Gyms will certainly do it, but if you are using your own towel you should do it as well. 


Keep Your Hair Up

Whether you have medium or long hair it is best to keep it up in a bun or a ponytail, so it doesn’t touch your face. This will prevent oils and hair products that you use to come in touch with the skin and clog the pores. 

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Try Not to Touch Your Face

We know - sometimes it is hard to retrain and not touch your face. But while at the gym, please try not to do it. Gyms are full of germs and bacteria, and you are sharing all that equipment with others. At the end of your session, go to the restroom and wash your face. Even if you haven’t touched it at all. 

Don’t Forget SPF

If you are heading back to the office or out, then you should reapply your sunscreen. This Gymsegbe Face Moisturizer with SPF 50 and broad-spectrum is a perfect solution. It will hydrate the skin and protect it at the same time. 

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