8 Habits of People with Great and Healthy Skin

Keeping your face glowy, healthy, and overall looking great isn’t easy. Some women tend to stack up on products that don’t really work on their skin but are expensive and popular at the moment. Usually, that makes things even worse. Let us tell you one thing - healthy skin is no magic or miracle. You need to work on habits and routines that will suit you and that you can repeat day after day. 

Here we have gathered some of the best habits of people with great and healthy skin. Let’s take a look. 


Whether this means applying moisturizer to your face or drinking water, it is extremely important to hydrate. As you might know, the skin is the largest organ in our body. It needs to be hydrated in order to function well. This is especially important if you live in a humid and warm climate. 

You should daily drink water, coconut water, or green tea. These will help you get skin without visible pores. Water is great for flushing toxins from your body as well. 

Applying Sunscreen

We know - you have heard this before, but you simply can’t go out without your sunscreen on. It became crucial if you want to protect your skin and keep it healthy and glowy. Applying sunscreen doesn’t only reduce wrinkles but also protects skin from cancer. 

It is advised to use sunscreen with SPF 50, broad-spectrum if you want to be sure your face is protected. Over-exposure to the sun is the fastest way to get not only burns but also hyperpigmentation, acne, and wrinkles. 

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Weekly Face Massages

At least once a week, give yourself a facial massage. This is great for relaxing after a hard day at work or at home, but that is not all. Facial massage will improve circulation, release tension, and encourage lymph drainage. All these things are simply perfect for a skin detox. Try it! 

Clean Pillowcases Only

Make sure to regularly change your pillowcases. Some experts even advise us to do it every few days or so, but a weekly schedule is fine as well. In fact, so many skin problems can be caused by not sleeping on proper pillowcases. From acne and bacteria to hair products residue that can stay on. There are many reasons for you to sleep on clean pillowcases only

Lukewarm Water for Face Wash

You have probably heard that you shouldn’t use warm water to clean your face. However, you shouldn’t use extremely cold water either. If the water is too hot it can easily damage and strip the skin, but when the water is cold the cleaning products won’t be dissolved. Both of these will lead to some skin problems. Use lukewarm water, especially when your skin is sensitive. 

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Gentle Exfoliation

It is important to regularly exfoliate your face to remove all the dead skin cells. However, it is also important to find exfoliators that won’t be too harsh for your skin. Use scrubs that can be gently massaged and won’t leave your skin red. You can also use a brush as a massage tool. If your skin is too sensitive, better skip it. 

Go for Healthy Diet

The rule of the thumb is: if you want healthy-looking skin, you have to eat healthy food as well. From vegetables to meat, your diet should consist of healthy meals, full of vitamins, antioxidants, and other proper ingredients that are good for both body and the skin. 

Beauty Sleep

The later you stay awake the more risk you have to disrupt your circadian rhythms. This leads to the interrupted release of melatonin and in turn, you start producing cortisol - the stress hormone. 

Make sure to sleep at least seven to eight hours, to relax, and have a beauty routine before bedtime. All this will help you to have great skin. 

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