What is Essence in Skin Care: Roles and Benefits

If you are already a fan of Korean skincare, then you might be familiar with all the benefits essence can bring to your skin. If not, we are here to answer the most asked question in the beauty world: what is essence in skin care, and how you can get that Insta-worthy glow on your skin. 

This product is formulated with ingredients and nourishing elements that are perfect for restoring skin and giving it ‘that glow’, that everybody talks about. 

In this article, we will explore what essence is, how you can use it, and what are the most beneficial things it can bring to your skin. Let’s start. 

What is Essence in Skin Care?

The essence is a water-based product, similar to the tonic, that contains active ingredients that nourish, hydrate, and boost your skin. 

Depending on how you use essence, it has two main roles. After cleansing and toning it has a role to restore skin hydration. On the other hand, if applied before moisturizer and serums it has a role in preparing your skin to better absorb ingredients. 

This product first appeared back in 1897. It was introduced by Shiseido, as they choose it to be their first product to launch. Since then, many other companies have started producing essences, yet it has stayed popular mostly in Korean skincare. 

According to skin experts, essence has similar benefits to a serum. However, it has a lower molecular weight than moisturizers and creams. That is exactly why they penetrate deeper into your skin than the average moisturizer does. 

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What Can Be Found In Essence - Main Ingredients

These are some of the most common and main ingredients that can be found in essences. 

  • Water - it serves as a base in any essence and it also is perfect for hydrating the skin. 
  • Snail Mucin is a stress-induced excretion, it's comprised of ingredients meant to repair and protect.
  • Glycerin - traps the moisture into your skin. 
  • Botanical Plan Extracts - any botanical extract can provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. 
  • Sodium Hyluronate / Hyaluronic Acid - plumping the skin, making it look dewy, healthy, and hydrated all day. 
  • Lipids, Vitamins, and Minerals - straightening and nourishing the skin, as well as skin cells. 


Why You Should Use Essence - Benefits

Many women wonder about the necessity of using essence in their skincare routine. We totally understand, and that is why we gathered some of the benefits that can be crucial if you start using the essence. 


One of the main essence benefits is allowing the skin to absorb ingredients faster. So, when you apply it after cleansing and toning, it will help your skin penetrate the ingredients from serum and moisturizer even better. Our Power Bomb Essence is a key to youthful, plumped, and silky soft skin. 


When you start using an essence you can notice that your skin losses less water, it has improved elasticity, the skin appears lifted and fine lines might be less noticeable. 


The essence also can improve the look of your skin by: 

  • Protecting the skin barrier
  • Rehydrating the cells of your skin
  • Rebalancing pH of the skin
  • Smoothening and softening the epidermis
  • Boosting the skin, making it look plumped and healthy

what is essence in skin care

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How to Use Essence in Skincare Routine

When we speak of the effectiveness of essence, what is crucial is the correct application. So, if you were wondering what is essence in skin care, how and when you should apply it, then check out these tips. 


So, after cleansing and toning your skin, you should apply an essence. Some people like to apply it by using a cotton pad. That is completely fine, but, skin experts advise us to use our own hands. Otherwise, the essence will just sit on your cotton pad, and not much will actually end up on your face. 


However, if you use the palms of your hands and gently press them on your skin, you will notice a huge difference. Be careful not to drag, but gently pat the product into your skin. 


You can then continue with other skincare products you usually use - serums, moisturizers, and SPF. 


The Difference Between Serum, Toner, and Essence

When you are in the store buying your skincare products, they can appear a bit similar, right? But, believe it or not, there are some differences between them. 


The main difference between toner and essence is in their function. Toners are usually alcohol-based liquid ingredients that come after cleaning the skin. Their purpose is to clean your skin even better. Toners are usually used by people with oily or acne-prone skin types, while essence is suitable for all skin types. Regardless of your Skin type, Toner also helps eliminates dead skin cells and reveals beautiful new skin!


Since essence comes after toner, it makes a balance in your skin and moisturizes it, Plumps and hydrates your skin to prepare it for maximum absorption of Serum and Moisturizer


Serum, on the other hand, has a much thicker consistency than essence. They do contain a high percentage of active ingredients, but their roles are different in your daily skin care routine. Usually, the serum is used for targeting specific issues, such as wrinkles, lines, dark lines, crows feet, redness, acne, and discoloration. 

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