Save or Splurge: Which Products You Should Invest In or Save

As a beauty company, we understand how important is to keep your skin in a good condition. Beauty junkies all around the world spend thousands of dollars on expensive skincare products, just to keep their skin healthy and glowy. But is that really a solution? Is the high price tag really worth it? 

Which skin products are actually worth the price and which aren’t? Here are the products you should splurge on and those that you shouldn’t. 

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Splurge - Serums

You might be wondering why serums are usually one of the expensive products of skincare. That is because they are made with the smallest molecules, helping them to enter the skin on deeper levels and penetrate well into your skin. The time and the science behind all these serums are the things that make serums to be so pricey. 

However, when you see a cheap serum, that means they are made with a lot of filler ingredients and larger molecules. They are not able to penetrate the skin well, therefore you should avoid them. 

Our Luminous Mighty Punch serum is made of a powerful ingredient combination - niacinamide and vitamin C will keep your skin wrinkle-free and glowy. 

Splurge - Sunscreen

Since sunscreen is something you should wear daily, you should find those that are with higher price tags and not feel sorry to spend more money on them. Look for those ingredients that are good for your skin such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Protected skin is priceless, remember that. 

Our Habaek sunscreen has SPF 50 and broad-spectrum UVA UVB that protects the skin from all environmental hazards. 

Splurge - Moisturizer

Same as sunscreen, the moisturizer is the skincare product that you will wear all day long. It stays on your face and soaks into your skin. We know many moisturizers are cheap but the point is they are not filled with good ingredients. When you shop for a moisturizer, take your skin type into consideration but always check the ingredients list and price tag. 

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Splurge - Exfoliator

Believe it or not, exfoliators are very important in the skincare routine. Actually, exfoliation is one of the most important steps to regenerate skin-cell turnover. You can save money on buying those at a lower price, but we won’t recommend it. Those scrubs can contain ingredients that lead to irritations, tears to the skin which also leads to wrinkles and scarring. 

Look out for exfoliators that contain light granules, whether your skin is sensitive or oily. Jojoba beads will do a perfect job for all skin types. 

Save - Cleanser

Even though finding the right cleanser for your skin type is important, spending a fortune on it simply isn’t necessary. Even the fanciest dermatologists would recommend a basic and drugstore cleanser that won’t make you spend a lot of money. 

A cleanser stays on your face for 2 minutes maximum, so even if the brand promises they have put the ingredients that are good for the skin they simply won’t have time to penetrate. 

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Save - Makeup Remover

There is no need to give some extra money on makeup removers. Drugstores offer ones that are gentle to your skin but that will remove all your makeup. The key is to find the remover that will take the makeup off without stripping off your natural skin oils. 

Save - Lip Balm

Our lips don’t need many ingredients to stay soft. However, you should find lip balms with natural ingredients. We tend to absorb them when we lick our lips. Coconut oil, beeswax, and vitamin E are just some of the ingredients to look for in lip balm. 

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