How to Apply Eye Cream & All The Benefits

Eye cream is the must-have product of a skincare routine. However, do you really know how to use it? What about the benefits it can bring? You asked, and we answered. Plus, we have a new product alert. 

“Eyes are the window to the soul”. This old proverb shows how important eyes are, as well as the skin that surrounds them. The eyes are a powerful tool of communication, but at the same time very delicate. Believe it or not, the skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the body, therefore it is prone to damage. From wrinkles and fine lines to puffy eyes and black circles - all those skin concerns can occur. 

The key is to find the cream that suits you and to use it correctly. Not sure how to do it? Follow our guide and you will learn how to use eye cream. 

Start with Clean Face

Cleansing your skin should be the first step of your skincare routine. This is very important since you can’t apply any skincare product to dirty skin. If you are wearing makeup, start by removing it. Otherwise, you can use a cleanser just to be sure all residue and pollution are washed off your face. Use a Brightening Gel Foam cleanser that is gentle and effective, when it comes to cleansing your skin. 

Find Suitable Formula

The key to correctly using eye cream is to find a formula that fits your needs. Whether your skin concerns are hydration or you want to prevent aging, finding the right creme is not an easy job. 

A brand new product from Gymsegbe promises to make those skin concerns go away. Multi-Elite eye cream smoothes the under-eye area, making those small wrinkles and lines less visible. It also reduces puffiness and sagging. Its oil-free formula suits all skin types. Packed with squalane, fruit extract from Poncirus trifoliata, and tri-peptides, this creme will make a noticeable change on your skin.  

Tap Tap Tap

Once you have applied your toner and serum it is time to apply eye cream. Because the skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive and delicate, you want to be very careful when applying. Rubbing eye cream can stretch the skin, making the skin more vulnerable to wrinkles and under-eye bags. So, instead of rubbing it, you need to tap the eye cream into the skin. 

Here is how you can apply your eye cream. Dot on your cream under your eye. You don’t need to dot too much of the product. A few small dots and one larger pea-sized one will be just enough. By using your ring finger, slowly tap the product, working from the inner corner out toward your temples. Excess products can go to your eyelids. 

Finish with Moisturizer

After applying your eye cream you should seal off moisture with your preferred moisturizer. You can choose any moisturizer you like, depending on your skin concerns as well. If your skin is oily, opt for a lightweight moisturizer that won’t make your face shine. If your face is dry, pick something that will offer more hydration.

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