How to Prevent Wrinkles Around Your Mouth: Tips from Dermatologists

We know that smiles and laughter that come from our bellies can stretch the skin around our mouths. However, that definitely doesn’t mean you should stop smiling to prevent aging around the mouth. On the contrary. Living a fulfilled life full of laughter and joy is possible, even if a few wrinkles here and there appear. What you can do is prevent, and learn about cremes and serums that help. These tips come straight from dermatologists. 

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Prevention is The Key

As with any problem, prevention is the key. Getting familiar with suitable skincare products is the right thing you should do. Whether you prefer serums, toner or creams, these anti-age sets will help you achieve glowy skin, and minimize wrinkles around the mouth. 

Sunscreen is (Really) a Must

Wrinkles around the mouth are caused by broken collagen, therefore using sunscreen can prevent that skin changes. Make sure to use sunscreen that has a minimal 30 SPF, and mineral formula. This means they should contain mineral components like zinc or titanium. When it comes to lips, you shouldn’t forget to put on a lip balm that has SPF protection. 

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In-Office Procedures? Sure!

If you think that skincare alone is not enough, you can always try in-office procedures. Lip fillers are widely popular since they give lips more structure. These are some of the most popular procedures that you can try: 

Chemical Peel: When it comes to wrinkles around the mouth, a chemical peel is one of the best things you can try. Some of these methods like chemical peel called phenol can tighten even the deepest of lines. 

Resurfacing Lasers: This might be a more aggressive treatment that comes from lasers. It can treat sun damage. The results are visible more quickly, yet the recovery period is longer. You can experience red, crusted skin for about two weeks. 

Dermabrasion: This method represent a mechanical sanding of your skin with a special tool. Similar to a chemical peel, this method is less popular. Why? Due to longer recovery time. There is also a possibility of depigmentation. You should try this technique only with a professional, and expect to see results after a long recovery. 

Microneedling: If you are dealing with early lines around your mouth, then microneedling can be the right procedure to go for. It works with radiofrequency that heats and stimulates collagen synthesis, as well as smooth fine lines. The results will be visible after a series of treatments, but consider having downtime as well. 

Microinfusions: This method uses tiny needles to drive microdroplets of neuromodulators, as well as fillers. Microinfusion can also be used in an early stage of aging when wrinkles are still small. 

Go For Night Creme

High-quality night creams can make those wrinkles around the mouth minimized. A night moisturizer from Gymsegbe is packed with powerful ingredients that remove dark spots and smoothen fine lines. Combining it with other products, such as essence and serum will surely give you the best results. 

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