Concealer Vs Foundation: Which Team are You On?

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube - you name it, all these social media platforms are full of videos of people recommending different makeup products. However, no one ever tells you which one is better, concealer or foundation. We need more info about formulas, benefits, and tricks for applying them. Which team are you on? Do you use more concealer or do you opt for the foundation at the beginning of your day? 

This article will reveal how to apply both of these products, and which one you should use (of course, due to your preferences). Let’s dig into the debate about concealer vs foundation. 

Everything You Need to Know About Concealer

Concealer is a makeup product, intended to cover spots instead of the whole face. It is usually used in the under-eye area, as well as for covering blemishes and dark spots. You can usually find concealer in liquid form, but those that have creamy formulas are also becoming more and more popular. 

How to Find The Right Formula

Hydration of the under-eye area should be the number one task. That is why, liquid formulas are considered to be more hydrating, especially if you have dry skin. On the other hand, creamy concealers offer better coverage. If your skin is oily, you can freely go for long-lasting formulas that will prevent your face from shining out.

When you are shopping for a concealer, make sure it has a hydrating formula. It is not only a universally good choice but can also be applied to most skin types. It should also look smooth, not create creases, and cover all the blemishes. Sometimes it is better to pick a buildable concealer, so you can adjust the layers yourself. 

How to Find the Right Shade

If you think about picking the right shade of concealer, always think about your skin undertones - cool, warm, or neutral. Neutral concealer shade will work for those people who don’t have much darkness under their eyes. Peach-toned concealers work best on deep and tan skin tones. 

Generally, concealer shades are based on the color of your face. Under the eyes, you will want your concealer to be a shade or even two lighter than your face. If you plan to use it on the face, for covering blemishes, make sure it is the exactly same shade as your face.

If you pick light shade and decide to treat spots and blemishes, you can only make the situation worse. Instead of blending them in, they will stand out on your face. 

How to Apply Concealer

The bulletproof way of applying concealer is with a small brush and your fingers. Many makeup artists agree on this subject. However, the placement of the concealer is also crucial. Placing the product right in the groove, near the beginning of the eye is the right way to do it. Once you apply it, make sure to tap it with your middle finger, because the warmth of the skin on the skin will make it blend perfectly. 

You can also consider applying concealer with a sponge. However, make sure to apply it in layers. 

Everything You Need to Know About Foundation

Foundation is a makeup product that is designed to full-cover the face and even the tone. You can find three formulas: cream, liquid, and powder. All of these formulas are available in an array of shades. 

How to Find the Right Formula

Before thinking about the formula, you need to think about your skin type. Makeup artists recommend hydrating formulas for dry skin types, semi-matte for oily skin types, and middle formulas for normal to combination skin types. By choosing the right formula you create an exceptional look on your face, as well as prolong the wear of your foundation. 

Different brands offer different formulas for their foundations. When you shop, pay attention to that. Is some foundation for covering acne, color irregularities, or water-based? All these labels will affect how the foundation looks on your face, 

How to Find the Right Shade

There are many tricks and tips about finding the best shade of foundation for your skin. Moreover, many of these pieces of advice are wrong! If you were advised to swatch formula on your forearm, you are not alone. While having samples is easier, you can always try out some foundation shade on your jawline, better than on any other face part. Always go for a shade that matches your forehead, chest, and neck. 

How to Apply Foundation

Nothing makes your face look worse than a poorly applied foundation. To avoid a cakey look on your face, use a damp sponge. A damp makeup sponge in combination with your foundation will provide a natural, glowy look at the end. 

If you prefer less coverage, apply foundation with your fingers. For medium to light coverage, use a flat brush. Moreover, for full coverage make sure to have a foundation brush as well as a sponge. 

Which To Use?

Whether you will use a concealer or a foundation depends on your wishes, preferences, and desired coverage goals. The trick is knowing how to pick the right formula and the right shade. Only then you can use both of these products, depending on the situation. 

It is great to combine both of these products, especially if you prefer better coverage. Once again, while concealer will cover the blemishes, the foundation works on enhancing your whole face. 

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