These Are The Most Popular Kitchen Hacks for Treating Dark Spots

Dark spots can appear on the face, hands, and chest or anywhere else on the body. Not everyone gets them, but those who do know how frustrating it can be, especially during the summertime. 


Dark spots are caused by two things mostly: hyperpigmentation and scarring. This means they can be a result of a scar and photodamage (from harmful UV sun rays). Furthermore, scars can be divided into two categories: 

  • Scars that are caused by hyperpigmentation, which appear as pink or dark marks on the skin  
  • Change in a skin texture, where the dark spots appear as raised or depressed scar marks, usually caused by some injury. 


These are the most popular kitchen hacks for treating dark spots. The good news is - you probably already have a lot of these ingredients in your kitchen. 

Turmeric to Even Skin Tone

Because of turmeric’s healing properties, people have been using it to treat specific concerns for centuries. It can reduce inflammation and inhibit the skin’s melatonin production. These are all causes of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. 

To make those dark spots less visible, make a mask by mixing turmeric and honey in equal parts (one part turmeric, one part honey). If your skin is not over-sensitive, adding a few drops of lemon would be a great idea. 


Yogurt for Brightening the Skin

One more item that you probably have in the fridge is yogurt. And it can help a lot with brightening the skin and gently doing an exfoliation. Thanks to lactic acid, yogurt can do a gentle exfoliation of the skin and calm its inflammatory processes. Since lactic acid is an AHA it improves discolorations. 

You can apply yogurt on your face alone or mix it with honey or oatmeal. If you decide to go with oatmeal, make sure to rinse off this mask carefully. Otherwise, you can easily irritate the skin. 

Vitamin C for the Win

According to dermatologists, vitamin C is one of the best remedies for dark spots. While some people prefer to brighten their face with lemon juice, you can also try Dynamite Vitamin serum from Gymsegbe. It is enriched with vitamin C capsules, hyaluronic acid, and caviar - all the ingredients that reduce dark spots, and premature aging, and protect the skin from free radical damage. 


Papaya for Exfoliation

Papaya is not only food for your body, it is great for your face as well. It has fruit acids, known as alpha-hydroxy acids, which is a chemical exfoliant. AHA is great for dry skin and works by removing the upper layer of the skin, altogether with dirt, and dead skin cells, and revealing healthy skin underneath.

To treat your skin with this great natural exfoliator, simply mash a ripe papaya and apply it on your face. Let it sit for 20 minutes, and then remove it with circular motions for a bit of added exfoliation. 

Almond Oil to Soothe The Skin

Sweet almond oil is used both in the kitchen and in dermatology. However, the one that we use on the skin is not the same as the one we use for cooking. The one for the skin is enriched with more minerals and vitamins. 

Almond oil is viewed as non-comedogenic, so you can add it to your routine without worrying it will clog the pores. Use it as a makeup remover or as a moisturizer. The best is to incorporate it into your night routine. 

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