Habaek Sun Protection, Damage, Stress Repair, Luminizing with Niacinamide SPF 50 UV Broad Spectrum
Light weight, Guards against UVA, UVB and Pollutants in the Environment and Blue Lights. Does not leave Ashy residue on Melanin Skin Tone. Humectant, solvent, and emollient. Retains moisture, dissolves ingredients and improves application. Radiantly Tones, fades Discoloration, Hyper pigmentation and Efficiently Clears Face of Imperfections Exposing Youthful Dazzling Flawless Skin. Replenishes Moisture Loss with a combination of ingredients that Deeply Penetrates the Skin for Optimum Results.

Water based and does not cause peeling: Makeup can be applied after application

It effectively moisturizes your skin. Recommended for daily use.

Can be reapplied several times a day 

Directions:  Apply on face after Serum during the Day Across your entire face and leave no part unprotected

Recommended to use Twice Daily for fast and Effective Results. 

Net wt 0.4OZ 12ML