5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Youthful Without Botox

To pursue healthy and youthful skin many women go for botox. It is fine, but not necessary in order to keep your skin wrinkle-free and glowy. There certainly are some natural but effective ways of keeping a radiant complexion. From a healthy diet to staying active and exfoliating the skin - these are the ways to keep skin youthful by staying away from botox. 

Use a Sunscreen Daily

A clean and mineral-based sunscreen should be applied daily on your face and neck. We all know that ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer, so we will repeat again: wear your SPF even if the day is gloomy. 

This is clearly one of the most important ways of keeping skin youthful. You can also stay in the shadow (while at the beach), wear a hat and sunscreens, and comfy sun-protective clothes. 

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Cleanse is Done Twice a Day

Sometimes older-looking and dull skin is caused by your face being not properly cleansed. Bacteria, excess oil, and dirt can all cause your skin to feel and be a bit off. That is why you should cleanse it twice a day. 

It is very important to remove your makeup every night before going to sleep. This is how you will prevent breakouts, and blemishes, and avoid dead skin cell buildup. 

Pick a cleanser that is gentle, but effective. Gymsegbe Advanced Brightening Gel Foam cleanser is great since it is perfectly balanced for skin types and enriched with rice, yeast, and wheat extracts.  

Boost Collagen Production

One of the reasons skin gets older is less collagen production. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, but unfortunately, as we age, we produce the less and less of it. That is why you should boost it by taking supplements. Choose the formula that is powerful and secure for your health. 

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Exfoliate Regularly

If there are any dead skin cells on your face, exfoliation will surely make sure they no longer exist. This is one of the quickest ways to give you an instant shot of youth and glow. 

Exfoliating peels, toners, or treatments with glycolic and lactic acid are great for dissolving those bonds that keep dead skin cells on your face. Depending on your skin type, you can go for salicylic acid (oily skin), or azelaic acid (dry and sensitive skin). 

Thick as Thieves peel from Gymsegbe exfoliates your skin with a perfect lactic percentage (lactic and glycolic). Its powerful formula will work on solving hyperpigmentation, spots, dull skin, or uneven skin tone. 

Make Lifestyle Changes

Alongside skincare routine and including these products that we list above, you should also make some lifestyle changes. Remember that healthy skin starts from within. Your physical and mental health should also be taken care of, so the skin shows it off. 

You should exercise more, and have a regular routine. The post-workout glow is something that hardly anything can beat. After a workout, don’t forget to drink enough water, but make sure to drink it throughout the day as well. 

Beauty sleep is not called like that in vain. Your skin regenerates and repairs during the night, so providing your body at least 8 hours of sleep is crucial. 

Eating a healthy diet, including fats, protein-rich, and green leafy veggies provides vitamins and minerals that support body function. 

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